Avalanche Game Review – Learning Resources

Dear mummy, the summer holidays may have been a bit of a washout for us but we’ve had some indoor fun playing with our new family board game called Avalanche.

Learning Resources Avalanche Game Review

It’s a colourful game from Learning Resources. We wished we found this company sooner as not only do they create educational games for all ages but their games are fun, well constructed and made to last too. Perfect for all the rainy days we’ve had! This game has provided perfect engagement to keep my mind active before I start school this September. Even my mummy was impressed that it held my attention for over 30 minutes at a time! AND I’m still playing it after a week, usually by this time a board game has been relegated and replaced! Impressive.

Learning Resources Avalanche Game Review

In the box there were 2 jumbo tweezers, 40 pieces of fruit, fruit stand game board, spinner and an instruction guide. Just like the name suggests this game was all about collecting fruit and stopping a fruity ‘avalanche’.

Learning Resources Avalanche Game Review

The instructions are on the back of the fruit stand game board and super easy to follow. To win the game you have to be the first person to remove one piece of each different kind of fruit with the large tweezers. An apple, orange, grapes, banana, and strawberry to make a set without causing an avalanche. There are eight pieces of each kind of fruit to make the game last. The fruit stand is made of heavy laminated cardboard which is sturdy and colourful. The fruit is a rubbery-type material and will not slip in the tweezers and well made with texture. RRP is around £17.00 and we’ve seen the game go for much lower on Amazon but seems well worth the money.

Learning Resources Avalanche Game Review

Players take turns spinning the spinner and following the directions:
Color – Pick one piece of fruit of that color and put it in your pile.
2 – Pick any two pieces of fruit and put them in your pile.
3 – Pick any three pieces of fruit and put them in your pile.
Star – Take a piece of fruit from another player.
If there is an avalanche (fruit pieces fall off the fruit stand) while you are playing, you must put any and all fruit pieces you have collected back onto the fruit stand.

Learning Resources Avalanche Game Review

Using the small velcro dots on the back of the board my mummy adjusted the angle of the fruit stand to increase level of difficulty. The more vertical it was the more chance of an avalanche happening. We then had fun stacking all the fruit in a single layer on the fruit stand.

We played the game until all the pieces were removed and the winner was the one with the most fruit. It really was a fun game and had the whole family in suspense with the avalanche aspect! We just wished there were more tweezers in the box as my daddy wanted to play and we only had two. My mummy had to share hers.

Learning Resources Avalanche Game Review

During the game I liked sorting all the fruit by colour and using the tweezers to pluck the fruit from the stand. At first it felt a bit foreign to me using the tweezers but I soon got the hang of it. The game was great to increase my fine motor skills and help with holding objects between my thumbs and forefingers. I made it extra hard for my mummy forcing her to play the game left-handed! It also helped increase my concentration and keep my hand steady as I reached for the fruit, especially as the game got harder. This will hopefully help me learn to hold a pen correctly at school. I enjoyed sorting and counting the fruit and during the game, shared my tweezers and listened to instructions. Turn taking helped me be patient until it was my turn, however we’ve still got a lot of learning to do on that front! I was eager for my go all the time!

The game packs away really easily and is quite compact so would be useful for camping trips. We’d definitely recommend Avalanche to other families as it doesn’t take much to set up and is easy to follow. Make sure you tell Father Christmas to put this on his list! There are loads of other great educational games on Learning Resources website so be sure to check them out!

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were sent Avalanche in order to conduct a review. All photos and videos are our own.

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32 thoughts on “Avalanche Game Review – Learning Resources

  1. It sounds like a fun game to play with your children. It is also brilliant for learning about different fruits. Definitely a great game for a camping trip.

  2. This game looks so much fun and a great, fun way to get children interested on fruit. I bet my mum wish she had it with me.

  3. I love the look of this game! It looks easy enough that little people could understand it, but fun enough that it would hold their attention! Thanks so much for linking this up to #DreamTeam!

  4. Ahh I’m sure that my little bro would love this! Especially with all this rain – it looks like a fab way to entertain little ones inside!

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