PJ Masks Jumping Adventure at Oxygen Freejumping

Into the air to save the day!

Dear Mummy, over the summer we had some great adventures but one of the most memorable was attending the PJ Masks Jumping Adventure at Oxygen Freejumping!  It was a match made in heaven for me – my favourite superheroes and one of my favourite activities, trampolining. PJ Masks is an animated pre-school television series on Disney Jnr. The show revolves around three 6-year-old kids who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbours, classmates and friends. At night, however, they activate their bracelets, which link into their pyjamas, turning them into their alternate identities: The PJ Masks! I love pretending to transform into Owlette, so a chance to wear my costume out and about was great!

PJ Masks Oxygen Freejumping 6
Meeting my heroes at Oxygen Freejumping Southampton

Over the summer Oxygen Freejumping teamed up with the PJ Masks to make their Little O Toddler sessions SUPER! I had fun releasing my inner hero just like the PJ Masks while jumping around in the free play sessions and trampolining to improve my balance, coordination and flexibility.

PJ Masks Oxygen Freejumping
Oxygen Freejumping Southampton

In my session I had one hour to explore the entire trampoline park and take part in fun activities with other children led by the staff. We performed Catboy’s, Owlette’s and Gekko’s super abilities through games and challenges in order to win prizes and a certificate.

Oxygen Freejumping Southampton
Oxygen Freejumping Southampton

The PJ Masks ‘Jumping Adventures’ sessions were for toddlers aged 5 years old and younger. My Grandma supervised me as my mummy isn’t well enough to bounce just yet after her surgery. We arrived 30 minutes before our session began to collect my snazzy yellow jump socks and I had fun watching the PJ Masks cartoon on the large screens before the safety demonstration. There was a onsite cafe which was full of PJ Masks games from colouring-in sheets to jigsaw puzzles.

Check out our video of what we got up to!

Along with exploring the trampolines I also had fun on the giant inflatable airbag and even learnt how to do my first forward roll! (see my little video) With all the connected trampolines, an obstacle course, foam pit, dodgeball and runway I was knackered after my session. But the best bit was participating in the PJ Masks activities.

Oxygen Freejumping Southampton
Jumping into action at Oxygen Freejumping

Catboy’s Leap – I practised my super speed and agility, by jumping onto the giant airbag! I took my biggest super cat leap into the comfy airbag, pulling my favourite Catboy pose! Afterwards I let the experts (the staff) show me how it was done!

Oxygen Freejumping Southampton
Pretending to be Owlette

Owlet’s Flight – I brought my own Owlette costume with me to the trampoline park and was challenged to perform as many star jumps in a row without stopping spreading their superhero wings! My mummy was out of breath just watching me!

Oxygen Freejumping Southampton
Winning my certificate for completing all the challenges

Gekko’s Grip – For the last activity I was asked to collect as many bouncy balls as I could while bouncing over the trampolines without dropping any! This was a great activity for developing coordination. It really was a fun session and I even got a certificate to take home with me and the new PJ Masks Magazine! We’d defiantly recommend a Little O toddler session for under 5’s at Oxygen Freejumping, especially when they are themed like this PJ Masks one.

Keep you eyes peeled for many more fun sessions from Oxygen Freejumping by checking out their website. They have parks across the UK.

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were offered a free session to review Oxygen Freejumping. All on site purchases and options are our own.

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29 thoughts on “PJ Masks Jumping Adventure at Oxygen Freejumping

  1. That looks like so much fun Bella. I love your costume, and if I could fit in to it, that would be my choice too. I wish I were five or younger, but I’m way past that now. I do have a five year old little boy, and I know he would absolutely love this too.

  2. That huge grin at the end there says it all, what a fab day out, my daughter is 13 so therefore EVERYTHING is too young for her now (Kevin syndrome!) but my son is constantly climbing, jumping, falling…this is HIS cup of tea!

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