My outdoor discovery set!

Dear Mummy, I’m fascinated by the outdoors and the changing of the seasons. Recently we’ve picked the last of the summer strawberries, planted our bulbs for Spring and watched the leaves turn on the trees. Autumn is now here and I’ve been inspecting it with great pleasure.

Outdoor Discovery Set Review

At the end of the summer I was asked to review a children’s Outdoor Discovery Kit from Learning Resources. It’s for pre-schoolers and school aged children from 3 years and up. The pack contains ten information cards with activities to complete, an observation jar, plastic watering can, three plastic plant pots and plant markers, ladybird bug jar and a handy scooper.

Outdoor Discovery Set Review

I’ve enjoyed taking my discovery set to the pick your own (PYO) strawberry fields capturing bugs to inspect in my jar. The bug jar feature 3.5x magnification in the lid which makes it easy to see the detail on the creatures I’ve captured. I’ve also had fun planting seedlings and creating concoctions in the small glass planters.

Outdoor Discovery Set Review

My mummy has been setting me challenges from the prompt cards inside the pack and watching me complete tasks on my own. It really has been a boredom buster for late afternoons after school and on days out in the countryside.

Outdoor Discovery Set Review

Learning through play is a great way for information to seep into my head. I’m fascinated by what I’ve discovered with the help of this kit. Especially using the tong scoopers to capture creatures safely so they don’t get harmed. I haven’t shyed away from bugs or spiders and it has led to a great interest of the world around me on our walks home from school. The handy scoopers help develop my hand strength and fine motor skills and are great fun to use.

Outdoor Discovery Set Review

My daddy has even been tempted to use the tong scoopers on the masses of spiders which have descended on the house since the nights have drawn in. They’ve also been handy for picking blackberries and foraging through hedgerows.

Outdoor Discovery Set Review

Autumn is the perfect time for getting outside and discovering more of what nature has to offer. I can’t wait to inspect more bugs, collect conkers and acorns and encourage my seedlings to grow by looking after them in the winter months.

Outdoor Discovery Set Review

This is a great activity set for £24 and you get a lot included in the pack. It’s also nice to have something that I won’t get bored with and that keeps coming out season after season. It would make a great alternative present for children this Christmas!

What do you think of this discovery set? Would you be brave enough to capture a spider and inspect it in one of the jars?

Love Bella x

35 thoughts on “My outdoor discovery set!

  1. That looks like one fab set that my son would love! I’m going to add it to his christmas/birthday wishlist. I love learning resources products and this looks so educational

  2. Today a spider fell into my living room when I opened the window and I was ready to move out. I called my neighbour to help get it out.
    This outdoor discovery set seems lovely and educational too

  3. Ooh! This looks fantastic, and such a great way to connect with (and learn more about) nature too! The fruit you’ve picked looks fantastic as well – I love going berry picking at this time of year! ❤ xxx

  4. I really like the idea of this set – Our youngest is absolutely terrified of creatures especially spiders so I’m wondering if this might be the thing to get her slightly more confident?

  5. Well… I’m 20 and I feel that I should buy this set to get used to bugs again! As a child I loved bugs but now I hate them… this set would definitely help lol!

  6. You are completely right, autumn is the best time to get out and explore! This set has so many great products from the watering can to the jars perfect for bug hunting!

  7. My niece and nephew love anything to do with the outdoors, so this would be the ideal charismas present for them.

  8. Love that Dad used the tings to catch spiders, I’d probably do the same. This sounds like a great present for kids right now, gives them a really interactive feel about the garden and changing seasons

  9. This looks like a great outdoors activity set that can help children develop their imagination. The scoop is great as it doesn’t harm insects.

  10. I’m going to go and buy one of these right now. My daughter would absolutely LOVE this kit! It sounds so amazing Bella! 😀 I love the tong scoopers. x

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