Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game Review

Dear Mummy, we are a family that loves playing board games especially after school, it’s a way to wind down after a full day of learning.  I usually play with my mummy so when we had the opportunity to review a super-duper sized board game we jumped at the chance!

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game Review

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game is the perfect board game for parties and other large gatherings and we were suitable impressed by the huge board and illustrations. It’s nice to get away from the usual ‘grown-up’ family games like Monopoly, Game of Life and Pie Face. This game can be played at a much younger age (from 4+) and this hidden picture game can accommodate up to 6 players.

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game Review

What we like the most is that it’s Disney themed and includes many of my favourite characters from the films. We take turns moving our characters up the large board on a magical journey through 12 illustrated Disney realms, from Radiator Springs to Peter Pan’s Neverland and Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood to Frozen’s Arendelle.

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game Review

Considering the board game is MASSIVE it actually fits in a relatively compact box.
Inside you get:

  • 1 giant game board which comes in several big pieces
  • 6 playing pieces with stands
  • 1 spinner
  • 1 little spinning clock for the clock tower
  • 12 plastic rings
  • 30 search cards
  • and an hourglass timer

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game Review

Here’s how to set up the game:

  • First assemble your game board by slotting the board together, like large jigsaw pieces.
  • Make sure your floor space is large enough and try not to use a table as during the game, as it gets a bit frantic searching for clues on the board! The board size is 6 foot and we found it easier on the floor.
  • There are lots of small details which you might miss in poor lighting so make sure you have the main light on.
  • Choose a playing piece – be a Mickey, Tigger or Elsa – and journey through Disney realms, searching for hidden treasures.
  • The game is a bit like ‘Where’s Wally’ and there are a 1,000 things to find, not in one go though much to my mummy’s relief. I’m sure we could play this game many time before we find everything.

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game Review

You don’t compete against each other to win the race to the top. Together with your fellow players you need to beat the clock before it reaches midnight. If it does, off you go to the start to begin your journey anew. As the youngest player I stated the game. We used the spinner and followed the instructions provided. If you spin numbers from 1 to 8, you simply advance forward along the road. If your spinner stops at Clock Tower 1, you move the hand of the clock tower one hour ahead. If you stop at Clock Tower 2, you move the hand of the clock tower two hours ahead. Spinning a Mickey Mouse symbol means it’s time to search. Turn over the top search card from the draw pile and show it to all the players. Each card has a symbol of an item which are hidden within the pictures on the board. Now this is the fun bit…

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game Review

Turn over the hourglass and all participants can start searching for the icon or ‘treasure’ seen on the card, on the board. When you find the right image match you put a red ring over it. When the hourglass has run out, you count the rings and move forward the same amount of spaces. If you land on a Mickey Mouse symbol along the blue road as you travel you can also start a new search and boost your chances of rising up the board. The game finishes once all the players reached the castle before the clock strikes midnight.

Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It

At first we found the instructions a bit confusing but once we started to play the game it all slotted into place. It has the making to be a really long game, especially if like us you aren’t very good at finding the hidden icons/treasure. Perfect for keeping little ones amused. The illustrations on the face of the board are amazing with intricate detail and I could spend ages looking at it.

This game would make a wonderful Christmas present at £14.99 and appeals to boys and girls, with mixed character counters and scenes from Disney Cars, Toy Story and Alice in Wonderland. You can buy this game on Amazon and in all good toy stores. We’re all in favour of board games and they are great for playing with family and distracting everyone from being glued to phones or the telly.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the game in order to review. All opinions are our own.






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