Having a Crafty Christmas with Fimo

Dear Mummy, we love crafting at Christmas time and I have just discovered Fimo polymer clay. Along with our gingerbread house we wanted to make homemade Christmas ornaments too.

Crafty Christmas with Fimo

We were sent a lovely package from Crafty Arts which included two sets of Fimo polymer clay. The craft sets were perfect for Christmas time with seasonal colours and Christmas themed moulds. Inside the Christmas Set and the Christmas Colour Pack we had everything we needed to get started, with a craft mat, modelling tool, mould, clay colour blocks (57g), varnish – they even came with a little ring holder so we could create jewellery.

Crafty Christmas with Fimo

Handmade Christmas ornament are unique and fun to create with kids and we enjoyed spending time together making colourful ornaments like angels, Father Christmas, candy canes and snowmen. We made some for our Christmas tree and for my school friends for gifts.

Crafty Christmas with Fimo

We moulded our own creations by playing and manipulating the clay. Even though it was labelled as soft it really was quite hard, so you need to warm it up in your hand and my parents helped to make it soft for me. Once soft I had fun making shapes and characters remembering to poke a hole through the top of the clay so I could hang them with ribbon. My mummy had fun making miniature Christmas models for the house in 3D so they were self standing. Check out our photos to see what we made this year.

Crafty Christmas with Fimo

We followed the instructions on the back of the packet to figure out how to oven them until they were solid. We left ours without the varnish but you can make them extra shiny by applying the gloss included in the pack. Then we used left over ribbon to tie our decorations to our Christmas tree! Voilà!

Crafty Christmas with Fimo

So why not give this Christmas craft a try this year? You can buy the packs from £11.50 from Crafty Arts and read their blog for more Christmas inspiration.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent packs of Fimo in order to conduct a review. All thoughts and creations are our own.



18 thoughts on “Having a Crafty Christmas with Fimo

  1. You have taken me back to my childhood right there. We would spend hours creating all sorts out of fimo – from food for my sister’s doll house to tree decorations. It’s brilliant stuff, you can do so much with it! Lovely post! 🙂

  2. This is such a great post, this is a right throwback for me as I used to be obsessed with plasticine and Fimo. I never thought it could be used in such fab and festive ways!

  3. I love your Christmas tree decorations and being able to mound your own with your mummy must have been a lot of fun

  4. Love those decorations that you made – the tree is my favoruite. I think something homemade is such a lovely thing to give for Christmas.

  5. These look so cute! I bet my daughter would have such fun with these, we will have to give them a go!

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