Playfoam Pals Review

Dear Mummy, we love anything collectable so couldn’t believe our luck at being sent the hot new collectable toy for 2018 from Learning Resources called Playfoam Pals. This is the only collectable that comes with a best-selling toy – Playfoam– AND an adorable animal character.

Playfoam Pals Review

Playfoam Pals features 12 collectible pods that open up to reveal a unique animal character encased in Playfoam! The super-squishy, sculpting material is child friendly, won’t dry out and doesn’t stick to clothes or carpet; perfect for indoor creative play!

Playfoam Pals Review

I loved opening the Playfoam Pals pods and hidden within each pod, you will find a wild animal friend!  Each pack includes 2 pods for £6.99, each containing a pack of Playfoam and a pop-apart Pal. You can also pop your new pal apart and swap its head and body with pieces from other Playfoam Pals collectables to create mixed-up combo critters of your own! As the heads and bodies can be mixed and matched for endless character combinations. The fun doesn’t stop after the surprise – you can keep playing again and again building new worlds and habitats for your Pals with mess-free, non-toxic Playfoam that never dries out! These are ideal for pretend play which develops social and communication skills, encourages creativity and imagination, and enable kids to sculpt Playfoam repeatedly which develops fine motor skills.

There are 12 Playfoam Pals to collect along with a super RARE GOLDEN endangered animal critter (and guess what we found one on our video above!) I had fun playing with the squishy, squashy pods of Playfoam and used the pods to sculpt nests, beds, perches, and other play props. They are perfect for ages 5-10 years.

Playfoam Pals Review

These are like blind bags, so you will never know what you’re getting from the pods. So if you do get a duplicate at least you can play with the Playfoam and create a noah ark of animals! I had fun mixing two different colours together and we received the blue and the yellow to review, however if you mix different hues together there will be some colour transfer so be careful playing on surfaces, it does wipe off with a bit of elbow grease. Remember to keep it away from open flame.

Playfoam Pals Review

The toys are absolutely adorable and easy to carry around and I love playing with them and creating little action stories (watch our video to see). The Playfoam never dries out so we can play with it over and over too.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent these Playfoam Pals to review from Learning Resources, all squeals of delight on the video are our own.

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31 thoughts on “Playfoam Pals Review

  1. Awww…the video was so cute. I loved it. Thank you Bella for doing up this review post. The Playfoam pals look interesting and the price is quite reasonable. It will make a lovely gift for children.

  2. I have not actually heard of playfoam before. But as the weather has been shocking recently, and I have a 2 year old, I will be looking out for it!! 🙂

  3. I’d never seen these before! They look like so much fun, anything squishy that doesn’t make a mess is the perfect combo! #fabfridaypost

  4. The Playfoam Pals are really cute. I used to love collectables as a kid, the excitement of trying to find all the different options available

  5. I’ve never seen these before either and Caitlin would have loved these when she was younger. Luckily the days of Shopkins and collectibles are in the distant past from the point of view of my purse!

  6. This is a new one, I’ve not seen these before. I think these are something that will miss our house although they do look interesting. Always something new to collect isn’t there.

  7. These look fun to play with, I will lookoutfor then in the tony shops gormt nephew and niece.

  8. These look like great fun and I loved your review Bella! It’s great that they have interchangeable bodies so that you can create your own characters. X

    Thanks for sharing with #TheGreatToyReveal

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