World Famous Roses at Mottisfont, National Trust

Dear Mummy, it’s a beautiful June weekend and we returned to our favourite National Trust property Mottisfont. Every year we make our annual pilgrimage to visit this estate in the heart of Hampshire. It’s known for having a beautiful walled garden full of heritage roses. Unlike modern species, old-fashioned roses tend to flower just once a year, so their full summer blooming is an extraordinary annual sight. It’s a riot of colour for the majority of the month and one not to be missed.

Roses at Mottisfont, National Trust

Mottisfont is near Romsey in Hampshire and it’s an 18th-century home with a medieval priory. Owned by The National Trust the grounds are stunning! Ancient trees look like something out of creepy Sleepy Hollow and a crystal clear river runs through this tranquil estate. Over the years they have put a lot of investment into Mottisfont from a new visitors centre to a natural play area for kids and now a new frameyard kitchen garden!

Roses at Mottisfont, Hampshire

When visiting in the warmer months we always bring a picnic with us to enjoy on the lawn in front of the big house. It makes for a dramatic view and I’m happy running barefoot around on the grass and rolling down the hills while my folks look on.

Roses at Mottisfont, Hampshire

A river full of fish runs alongside the River Test through the estate and has a beautiful bridge with a weeping willow draped across which makes a lovely photograph. Today the estate was a hive of activity and we’re not just talking about the bumble bees. People had gathered at Mottisfont to take a leisurely stroll through the walled garden and see the world-famous display of over five hundred rose varieties.

Roses at Mottisfont, Hampshire

It may look blissfully quiet from our photos but trust us, it was quite a feat to get some isolated shots against the stunning backdrop. It makes the perfect location to visit with children and ignite their imaginations and reminded me of something out of Alice in Wonderland. I was just waiting for the Queen of Hearts to come round with her guards and paint all the white roses a crimson shade.

Roses at Mottisfont, Hampshire

The walled garden is stereotypical of a quaint English garden. Created by Graham Stuart Thomas – one of the most important figures in 20th-century British horticulture its one of the prettiest we’ve seen. We imagined ladies strolling around reading books and having afternoon tea on the immaculate lawns and I did spot some people in period costume walking around the estate which I found intriguing.

We captured the stunning display on our vlog for you guys to see. It’s just a shame you can’t smell the roses, they were very fragrant.

Whats you favourite flower? And have you seen the heritage roses at Mottisfont before?

Love Bella x

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World Famous Rose Garden – Pin for Later x

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39 thoughts on “World Famous Roses at Mottisfont, National Trust

  1. the flowers all look so beautiful. My favourite flowers are actually snowdrops, a beautiful winter flower

  2. They’re all so beautiful! I enjoy going to gardens just to admire the beautiful flowers. Thanks for the photos and the vlog! Really enjoyed seeing them!

  3. I have been in august but the roses were not a beautiful then and easter was a bit of a washout – I think we need another vsiit

  4. It’s not somewhere I have ever visited, but how beautiful are those flowers? It looks like an amazing place to spend a relaxing day out in the great outdoors! If I only liked gardening, one day! Sim x #triedtested

  5. We are National Trust members as well but not been to Mottisfont, their garden looks amazing and I would love to head there with our kids for sure.

  6. I haven’t been to a National trust property in years and its really something I should do with the children. What a stunning location and the grounds are fabulous x

  7. Gorgeous photos and oh my Bella you are starting to look quite the English lady there in your wide brimmed hat! lt does look very quiet from your photos though I believe you that it was actually rather busy, who would want to miss this wonderful display. It is all so beautifully maintained. As for a favourite flower, I think the perhaps Lily is mine, we have a wild lily bush soon to flower in one of our cottage gardens.

    thank you for sharing your lovely post on #CountryKids

  8. I do love roses – ours are out at the moment and are so beautiful. I’ve never been to Mottisfont but I can see why it’s a favourite, especially at this time of year.

  9. Those roses look beautiful. What a lovely way to spend a summer day and wouldn’t it be lovely if you could capture the smell and be able to transmit it too! Mottisfont is on my list of places to visit at some point – it looks so beautiful from your photos. #countrykids

  10. We’ve always managed to visit Mottisfont in the winter so I haven’t seen the roses in bloom like this! Regardless of the time of year the gardens are always packed. Well done for getting some crowd free shots!! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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