Our Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need #HatsOn

Dear Mummy, while eating our Sunday roast in front of the telly we were watching BBC Countyfile, it was a special show following the adventures of the presenters leading rambles across the UK, joined by viewers and youngsters to help raise donations and awareness for BBC Children in Need.

BBC Countryfile Ramble 2018

I love the outdoors and spending time with my folks in our wonderful countryside. So, inspired by the show, we set off on our own ramble across the New Forest to raise awareness of the fantastic fundraising efforts and encourage people to join in. Now in its 4th year, this nationwide event challenges everyone to get outside and rack up some miles in aid of BBC Children in Need this Autumn.

BBC Countryfile Ramble 2018 #HatsOn

Blacks are partnering with BBC Children in Need again this year to support this great cause, warming heads and hearts around the country with their official ramble hat. So we’ve got our #HatsOn and ventured outside in the fresh air to walk around Burley in the New Forest. I loved my little yellow hat and even though they are one size, they fit the whole family perfectly.

BBC Countryfile Ramble 2018 #HatsOn

It great that 50% of the sales from each bobble hat bought will be donated to BBC Children in Need too. Blacks sponsored rambles are happening around the country, so check with your local store to find out if they will be rambling near you – or do your own like we did!

BBC Countryfile Ramble 2018 #HatsOn

It’s not too late to get involved this Autumn, by simply creating a fundraising page and going on a walk with friends, families or communities you’ll be joining thousands of people making a difference across the UK. There is a really great fundraising resources page to help get you started with packs, advice and tips and sponsorship forms.

BBC Countryfile Ramble 2018 #HatsOn

You can also donate to the Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need.

  • By donating £25 means a young person who has lost a family member can spend time with other bereaved children in a specialist support group and build memories and new friendships.
  • £50 means a nurse specialising in rare genetic illnesses can provide hands on support to children and families, helping them to cope with the effects of their life-changing conditions.
  • £100 means an entertainer can visit a hospital ward and brighten the days of seriously and terminally ill children, enabling them to have fun, be carefree for a moment & feel like a child again.

#HatsOn for Children in Need

So we donned our walking boots, my mummy opted to wear her women’s Berghaus walking boots after hearing and reading good reviews online. She wasn’t disappointed, they were warm, comfortable with no breaking-in required straight out of the box. They looked pretty smart too with their Pittards® split suede upper leather with mesh fabric panels. There’s a great selection of Women’s Berghaus walking boots on the Blacks website too, even my Grandma wanted a pair!

Women’s Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 Walking Boot

It’s important to be prepared when going out for a ramble and having the correct footware for support and protection. She was thankful for the Opti-stud® sole design as it gripped really well in the mud, grass and wet banks in the New Forest. The flexible sole allowed her forefoot to flex and her midfoot to remain stiff with a decent arch insole support it really made it a good all-rounder boot for her. She could see herself wearing these boots at festivals, on long walks and in all conditions. She even gave them a good test in the New Forest mud (see our video below).

Brasher Women's Stretch Walking Trousers

She opted to wear her Brasher Women’s Stretch Walking Trousers too, just in case the heavens opened or she took a tumble into a bog. She often gets muddy when we go out on our walks too. She liked that these trousers were stretchy and well made and can see them being a wardrobe staple this winter on our walks. These stretch trousers from Brasher have a flexible fit and comfortably soft feel for comfortable all day hiking and protection from the elements. They are great for all the bending she does, picking me up and reaching down to help me over the terrain. There’s a great range of Women’s Brasher walking trousers on the Blacks site with all different types of fits.

Craghoppers Men's Steall Waterproof Trousers

Daddy wore his men’s Craghoppers waterproof trousersHe’s a big fan of Craghoppers, having worn their clothes for years, trekking up the National 3 Peaks recently for charity in his favourite Craghoppers jacket and fleece. He likes the sleeker cut of the trousers which offers freedom of movement to jump over fences. The fully lined and AquaDry™ membrane technology kept him warm and comfortable plus takes a reasonable amount of water. Of course the multiple pockets were great for his multiple phones, keys and other bits and pieces he carries with him. 

Brasher Men's Country Master Walking Boot

Along with his Brasher Men’s Country Master Walking Boot he felt he could tackle anything, including carrying me when I got tired. Well-made hiking boots don’t tend to come cheap, but it’s worth investing in one quality pair and looking after them as you’ll get years of wear out of them if you do. Traditional leather boots are heavier and stiffer and over time they will mould to your feet and you’ll end up with very comfortable boots. These weren’t comfortable straight out of the box but a little breaking in will combat that. Brasher boots are heritage-inspired, fully waterproof and look great. They are warm in cold climates yet breathable in warmer weather, so daddy’s feet won’t overheat.

Check out our video of our ramble in the New Forest, if we can do it anyone can! I must admit it was lovely to get off the sofa and into the beautiful countryside on our doorstep. It also lifted our moods and blew away all the Halloween cobwebs!

#HatsOn for Children in Need

So will you be heading out into the great outdoors this Autumn/Winter to help raise money for Children in Need? You can also help by grabbing your Children in Need hat with at least 50% of all proceeds going towards this worthy cause.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: The brands included in this post asked for our opinion on the products featured from their range. All thoughts, photos and opinions are our own.

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38 thoughts on “Our Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need #HatsOn

  1. I love how you’ve rallied behind such a great cause, but even more wonderful, is how you’ve gotten your daughter involved too. It’s something she’ll always remember and such a great way to start her into philanthropy young.

  2. The yellow hats look great it suits well too. Thanks for encouraging others to donate by creating a page it’s something to look forward to.

  3. I absolutely love this and how fabulous are those bobble hats! I must keep an eye out for those! It’s such an AMAZING cause!!

  4. I’ve never seen two people carry off a yellow bobble hats as well as you do! You are a walking advert for them. I think Countryfile have a great initiative going, we don’t get outdoors nearly enough of a nation and more scary is how few recognize this. #CountryKids

  5. This is such a good share to everyone and I can say that this is such a great that the intention is to help others who are in need.

  6. Loving the bobble hats – we love going on walks and our next one planned is to take the kids to Old Harry Rocks

  7. I always enjoy watching your videos as its so much fun and it puts a smile on my face. You both look so lovely with the BBC Children in need bobble hat…and just in time for winter too. I need to order some for the kids x

  8. I love the sound of getting the whole family outside and exploring the surroundings plus supporting a very worth while cause. Good job your mum had those trousers to keep her dry

  9. Children In Need is such a great cause and this looks like such great fun too. Definitely going to get these hats for my little ones. Will also be looking to see if there are any events like this in my area. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start by organising one myself xx

  10. I love the idea behind this. It makes it so easy to raise money but also means you get some frat family time and everyone gets some fresh air.

  11. I absolutely love those bobble hats and such a great cause too, I’m going to have to pick up some for my 3.

  12. Love that bobble hat – a great way to raise money for Children in Need while encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. The New Forest is such a beautiful place to explore – I wish I still lived near enough to visit regularly. I love that photo of you looking like you’re taking a nap in the tree Bella and your mummy’s and daddy’s walking boots do look very comfy. Walking trousers are such a good idea – I’ve yet to invest in any of these myself but I can see that they would be very useful! Love the video too – what a beautiful day you had for your walk. Glad you managed to find some ponies too. Thanks for sharing with #CountryKids

  13. Great work on getting outdoors for such a good cause. It’s a brilliant way to get people thinking about getting active. Love all the mini reviews too. Thanks for sharing with us on #CountryKids

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