Becoming a mini stylist #imagirlyuk

Dear Mummy, it’s not often we head into the big city but we had the pleasure of attending the UK launch for #imagirlybrand.

At the UK Launch of #imagirlybrand

It’s a brand new Swiss fashion doll that celebrates diversity with realistic proportions and a range of hair colours, hair textures and skin tones.

At the UK Launch of #imagirlybrand
Styling my doll #imagirlybrand

Over the weekend we got a sneak peek and a chance to style these cool dolls! Even my mummy wanted to get in on the action! With loads of accessories and interchangeable wigs we really had a fun time playing with them.

At the UK Launch of #imagirlybrand
Even my mummy got in on the action!

Follow the hashtag #imagirlyuk to see what we got up to or pop over to our Instagram and watch behind the scenes footage. There was also a surprise VIP visit from Tiana @Toys_andMe eeeek!

Thanks to BritMums for asking us along and we can’t wait to share more from this fantastic brand soon… watch this space!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were invited by @imagirlybrand and  @britmums to attend this event and share our experience. All thoughts and photos are our own.



37 thoughts on “Becoming a mini stylist #imagirlyuk

  1. My daughter will definitely love this and I am sure she will be having a lot of fun in dressing her doll like she does.

  2. oh wow you ladies look so stylish !! and thats such a cool doll , sadly my daughter was into boy things and never played with dolls heself

  3. Oh my, Your daughter is the prettiest I have seen today. My little girl loves dressing up, will show this to her and she will love this for sure.

  4. What a fabulous idea ! I love that doll and because we are a mixed family its lovely to share different ethnic features in the doll too. You all look like u had a great time!

  5. I’m glad you and your mum managed to get involved in creating some fabulous styles. I love the colours of the dolls hair with tha orange shade.

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