I’M A GIRLY fashion doll review!

Dear Mummy, a couple of weeks back we were invited to the UK Launch of I’M A GIRLY fashion dolls (see our vlog of the event below) and I haven’t stopped talking about these dolls since! It’s driving my mummy nuts!!

In fact we’ve been inundated with questions about the dolls since we posted our Insta Stories of the event. I’M A GIRLY dolls are made in Switzerland and aimed at girls and boys aged 9-13 and designed by children of the same age through the company’s KIDS4KIDS approach. It’s great that the target audience have had some input into the look and feel of these dolls and that must be a pretty cool job!

I'm a girly fashion doll
Meet Lucy! She’s my I’m A Girly fashion doll!

We were kindly sent one to review and in preparation I packed away my baby dolls and pram to make way for this more grown-up doll. She has realistic features which are all hand painted and is more naturally proportioned compared to some of my other smaller dolls.

Admiring the accessories

I may only be five (almost 6!), but since starting school I’ve started to grow out of baby stuff, looking up to older girls and trying to be more ‘fashionable’ – my mummy rolls her eyes at this but it’s important to nurture my confidence. I’m eager to experiment with looks and identities as I’m still forming my only little personality and these dolls give me the perfect opportunity to do that. Projecting my personality onto a little playmate through styling and role play sounds good to me.

I'm a girly doll unboxing
I’m A Girly walk in wardrobe box!

I’M A GIRLY dolls are available to buy from Harrods and Hamleys and even though they are expensive (range starts from £109) you definitely get what you pay for. Included in the colourful box is a lovely doll, one outfit, a wig and the packaging can be reused as a wardrobe. This is a massive plus for my mummy as she hates wasting packaging and the box is a great place to store my doll. All the I’M A GIRLY dolls have inter-changeable high quality wigs and we had great fun playing with my new doll in our unboxing video below *don’t laugh at the end bit* I though the wig looked like a fish!

There are five dolls in the range with varying skin tones, hair textures and different coloured eyes and which is refreshing. It’s great that this brand has embraced diversity with their dolls. We were sent Lucy to review and she is super hip! The dolls are 16.5” tall which is an ideal size to carry under my arm and it means styling her hair and dressing her in outfits is easier. The accessories are substantial and just like a shrunken version of my clothes, so fingers crossed the bits won’t get lost.

At the UK Launch of #imagirlybrand
Even my mummy got in on the action!

The range includes biker jackets and on-trend coats, onesies, t-shirts, jeans, tracksuits, trainers, spectacles, party wear, handbags and lots more. We particularly liked the black & red checked shirt, biker boots with black rimmed glasses look (from the UK Launch event). That’s the sort of thing my mummy would wear to a musical event.

I’m A Girly Doll Review
Realistic hand-painted features on the I’M A GIRLY doll!

The dolls are made from a soft-touch vinyl material and they are hard bodied but silky smooth and warmer to touch than conventional plastic dolls. It’s nice that their hand painted faces have a softer and more natural look. I’m not a big fan of heavy made-up dolls with chiseled cheekbones and neither is my mummy as they look too ‘fake’ and not a true representation of young kids these days. When I took Lucy to London recently we had loads of comments on how realistic she was.

Dressing my new doll in the outfit she came in

The dolls all have their own little characters, so you can choose your doll based on their personalities as well as what they look like. All of the dolls come with their own little fact-file and we read through Lucy’s profile and she’s a lot like me. She likes songwriting and singing. I’m constantly singing (as you can hear on my video). Even my mummy could relate to her as she also likes going to concerts and seeing her friends. I identified with her straight away and she’s my new best buddy at home.

I'm a girly doll unboxing
Too cool for school, we love her biker jacket, ripped jeans and faux Converse!

We were astonished by the level of detail in the accessories, shoes and clothes. The fashion options available on the I’M A GIRLY website are bang on-trend. These dolls would make a great long-term investment for children and something I would be happy to hand down to my children. I can see me playing with I’M A GIRLY for many years to come!

At the UK Launch of #imagirlybrand with another doll from the range!

We can’t wait to customise Lucy more, so keep your eyes peeled for more videos and photos on Instagram. My mummy has just bought some more accessories and a pink wig for Lucy for Christmas! Clearly she’s part of the family now.

Love Bella x

This post is part of a paid project with I’M A GIRLY and BritMums, promoting the I’M A GIRLY Fashion-Dolls, new high-end fashion dolls that just landed in Harrods and Hamleys. They are hip, cheeky, trendy and a bridge between childhood and teenage years. See the dolls and accessories at https://www.imagirly.com/uk/

36 thoughts on “I’M A GIRLY fashion doll review!

  1. those are such cute little dolls. I love how sassy they are with being risque like some dolls I’ve seen out there.

  2. This doll is just right for my grand daughter and nieces! They would absolutely love to have one. Great review!

  3. This doll looks like something that my girls would love. They are so fashion forward and love playing with dolls like this.

    1. Yeah they are super realistic and turn heads! You should have seen the looks and heard the admiring comments we had on a recent trip to London. We even had people asking where we got her from!

  4. This looks like a fabulous doll, I think Eliza is a bit old for it now but she would have loved it a couple of years ago

    1. Yeah my mummy thought I’d be too young (5yrs) but I think I’m the right age even though it says 8+ years on the box. I love it! We can see me getting another 7+ years of play out of it, especially with all the outfits and wigs!

  5. What a beautiful doll. Olivia is a little too young right now but it is definitely something I would consider getting in the future.

  6. Wow, that is such a pretty doll! Such a perfect gift to give to my daughter on this holiday and I am sure she will like it.

  7. Wow this doll is awesome! So much better than a Barbie doll. I think it’s totlly worth the splurge for a holiday gift or birthday gift. I love the features and stylish clothes!!

  8. These dollls look amazing! My daughter is still young for this kind of toy as she’s only 3, but we live in Switzerland so I will definitely keep an eye out for these.

  9. This doll is incredibly gorgeous! I love the hand finished final touches and how realistic the eyelashes are. They’re so cool!

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