LaplandUK – The adventure that keeps on giving!

Dear Mummy, all year I’ve been shouting up my chimney to Father Christmas and his elves so imagine my delight when a response came back! As if by magic a waxed sealed invitation to LaplandUK landed on the fireplace with my name on it, inviting me to help save Christmas! You see the elves needed my help once again to make toys for all the children of the world. They couldn’t manage it alone and needed my help.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Seeing old friends at LaplandUK

Of course, I replied immediately writing a letter back to accept their kind invitation, excitedly telling my folks that I was once again invited back to LaplandUK to share my experience with others. Thankfully we didn’t have far to travel to LaplandUK, as it’s just down the road from us. We packed our thermals for the trip into Whitmoor Forest just outside Ascot in Berkshire, just incase it snowed.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
My beautiful invite to LaplandUK

This experience is like no other, we’ve been for the past four years and it just keeps getting better and better. As I grow older I fully understand my role in the journey through the enchanted woods to the snowy Elf Village. It starts as soon as we park our car, with big folk guiding us and welcoming our party to LaplandUK.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
An honorary elf in the making

The parking attendants were incredibly warm and friendly and welcomed us to the Enchanted Forest where Father Christmas was apparently eagerly awaiting our arrival. I tugged on my mummy’s hand eager to get started on this magical journey as 3 generations of my family embarked on this magical experience together.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
A great start on this magical place

I stopped to peek inside the little elfin house at the entrance and there was a note from one of the woodland elves we’d already discovered on LaplandUK’s website. Infact the LaplandUK website has improved dramatically and now features stories, introductions to all the characters and fun things to do throughout the year. I love hearing about what the elves are getting up to on social media!

LaplandUK 2018 Review

We were welcomed inside the Enchanted Forest reception by jolly elves, with a special elf wave, who gave me my passport and told me which departure gate I would be leaving from. I was on Team Reindeer for the first time and entered LaplandUK through a secret door hidden in the wall of suitcases and stacked luggage (see our video tour).

The enchanted forest smelt, sounded and looked like a real forest under a canopy of stars. I ran down the tunnel to the big story tree where Eeko and Sage had us mesmerised as they told us how elves were born from pinecones and how Father Christmas needed our help with his Christmas preparations.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Listening to stories by Eeko and Sage

A large oak door revealed a snowy woodland outside and the portal to Lapland where Father Christmas’s work shops awaited and I grabbed my coat convinced sub-zero temperatures would bring more snow.  I had a very important task to deliver Conkers suitcase to the toy factory which made me feel special.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Delivering a special case to Conker

We were greeted with the official elf wave, thumb on nose whilst wriggling fingers, as we walked down the tree-lined pathways, covered with beautiful twinkly lights which led us to the Toy Workshop.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Whittle on the phone to Father Christmas

The tasks are simple at LaplandUK, I needed to help Whittle and Conker reach their quota for toy delivery ahead of Christmas Eve.  In the Toy Factory Whittle received a call from Father Christmas asking for our help and I made a gorgeous plush toy penguin named Flip.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Helping Mother Christmas in her kitchen

Wishes joined the team and show us the magical sky full of children’s wishes, projected onto the ceiling. Afterwards we were escorted back down the snowy woodland track to the next cottage which was Mother Christmas’s Kitchen.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Story time with Mother Christmas

Enchanted objects moved on the worktops and stories were told by the very kind Mother Christmas and her elves. I helped to decorated gingerbread men and even took one away to eat on the rest of my journey to the Elf Village. I gained stamps from each activity station for my special passport, a great token and memento of our day.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Snow covered cabins in Elf Village

Tiny elf cottages are dotted around the village with snowy windows and dinky doors. Tall conifers tower above us with icy branches and draped lights. The smell of hot dogs and mulled wine fills the air along with shrill bells and children’s laughter. The festive stalls surround the ice skating rink and sell hot and cold drinks and are styled like wooden huts and nordic teepees.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Enjoying our time in the Elf Village and eating too much!

For the first time I got my mummy up ice-skating which was great fun and it wasn’t busy on the ice and we didn’t have to wait. Thankfully the little penguins helped me stay up-right as we spent 20 minutes giggling.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Having fun ice-skating

Wandering around the village were elves in elaborate costumes perfect for photo opportunities, some were playful and getting up to mischief like The Magician Zauber while others enjoying performing and entertaining families. Pixie-Mixie even remembered me from last year as we chatted outside her sweet shop.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Enjoying a NEW Cloud Cone with Pixie-Mixie

The Elf’s Emporium (toy shop) is one of my favourite destinations in the elf village and I’m in awe at all the amazing gifts on display. There’s a newspaper stall stocked with supplies of The Lapland Times and my big folk enjoying reading it while sipping on their hot drinks.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
We’re in the LaplandUK Times!

We didn’t feel rushed in the Elf Village and my mummy for the first time enjoyed ice skating with me and watching the world go by in our 90 minute time in the village, we definitely felt like we had been transported to the magical environment of the real Lapland, and of course I totally believed the magic and despite it being milder this year, with the snow around us it felt like we were in a colder climate, especially when we met the huskies.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Discovering a new elf!

I wrote my thank you letter to Father Christmas in the Post Office and explored the marvellous Bauble Shop with amazing hand-blown decorations. Our time to meet Father Christmas was magically written on the back of our passport so we knew when to head to the outskirts of the village. We followed the snowy path past the reindeer shed which stored Father Christmas’s Sleigh.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Posting letters at the Post Office

I waited patiently as my name was called to see Father Christmas, then had butterflies in my stomach as we were guided down snowy paths by a very chatty elf who put my mind at ease. I was slightly worried that I hadn’t done enough to be on Father Christmas’s good list this year!

LaplandUK 2018 Vlog

Thankfully as soon as we reached his wooden cabin and I was greeted by a cheery Father Christmas by a lit fireplace and I knew all was well. We chatted for well over 10 minutes and never felt rushed. I even received a golden bell to thank me for all my help in the Toy Workshop and an early Christmas present which was a gorgeous plush husky called Lumi. Another one to add to my collection, at this rate I’m going to have a whole husky team to pull my sleigh.

LaplandUK 2018 Review
Saying hi to Bauble the Christmas Elf

We looked at his good list and I found my name and it gave me the reassurance I needed. I trotted back through the snow-covered, fairy lit paths towards the exit. It was such a magical experience. This is not just a family tradition for us, it’s a way to keep the magic of Christmas alive in our hearts – not just for small folk but for big folk too!

LaplandUK 2018 Review

A week later, I’m still chatting about it to anyone that will listen! Were you on the good list this year? If so, you might be called to help Father Christmas next year at LaplandUK.

Love Bella x

For more information on what’s included and big folk questions please head to the LaplandUK website where friendly elves will be able to help you.

Disclosure: We were invited down as guests of LaplandUK in order to share our experience. All images, video and Elf waves are our own.

LaplandUK 2018 Review and Vlog

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22 thoughts on “LaplandUK – The adventure that keeps on giving!

    1. We’re going to make the magic last as long as possible! My mummy enjoyed it more this year as she got to go ice skating! Thanks for popping over Stevie x have a good New Year x

  1. Oh this looks so brilliant, I love all the detail they have put into everything. I hadn’t heard of it before, but will definitely be making a note for my toddler next December! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. This is such a nice idea and something I’d love to do with my friends kids as I bet they’d love it x

  3. I didn’t know this was a thing here in the UK but now that I do I can see why you can’t stop talking about the visit! I love how everything was thought of, from entering the portal to Lapland and. Ring able to ice skate before heading to see Santa!

  4. It does look so magical, but I just can’t justify the expense with my son’s birthday also being in December. My non blogging friends who have been have always raved about it too though #countrykids

  5. Wow Bella, you’re so lucky to be invited back to Lapland UK again (I didn’t know there was such a place) and I love your red coat too. I’d love to help make a penguin and decorate cakes with Mother Christmas, what a wonderful time you had. Please tell Mummy she did very well to go skating for the first time – brilliant adventure modelling for you! 😉 Thanks for sharing with us at #CountryKids

  6. What a fabulous magical festive adventure. I love how much there is to do and see at Lapland UK and how lovely that Pixie-Mixie remembered you. That cloud cone looks amazing – Sophie would love one of those! The ice skating looks like lots of fun and what a relief it must have been to see your name in Santa’s good book as well! Thank you for sharing your day out with #CountryKids

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