Off The Hook Fashion Dolls

Dear Mummy, something has just landed in toy shops which is totally ‘off the hook’. Brand new collectable fashion dolls. They are called Off The Hook Fashion Dolls and available at Smyths and The Entertainer. I was so chuffed and excited to receive some to review.

Off the Hook Dolls Review
Loving my Off The Hook dolls

These dolls are like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Each small fashion doll can be completely styled from head to toe! You can mix and match their hairstyles, tops, bottoms and shoes with easy, hook-together fashions. They have hooks on their bodies and their torsos that are interchangeable along with their outfits. I was fascinated by the way they connect.

Off The Hook Fashion Dolls
Each pack comes with a surprise!

We reviewed three different boxed versions. Off The Hook Style Studio at £19.99 which came with 1 Doll called Naia, 6 Fashions, 6 Accessories, 1 Shopping Bag, 1 Shoe Box, 1 Hat Box, 1 Clothing Rack, 1 Look book. I love the clothing rack and you can hook up the outfits when not in use. I pretended I was an aspiring fashionista choosing outfits and running catwalk shows.

Off the Hook Dolls Review
Clothes rail in the studio set

The Style Studio comes with six fashions and six accessories to create 100+ cool-girl looks and is a great starter pack for kids. On the boutique-like clothing rack there are also some translucent purple shelving to display the dolls accessories. Whilst the arms and legs don’t move, the dolls can free stand on their own with their shoes on of course and it doesn’t detract from the fun and enjoyment because of the ability to swap all the parts around between dolls.

Off The Hook Fashion Dolls 4
We love the interchangable wigs and outfits

The second box was a Off The Hook Surprise Mix and Match Fashion Assortment single pack from £7.99. Which included 1 Doll, 1 Bonus Top, 1 Bonus Bottom, 1 Look book. There are six girls in the range called Mila, Jenni, Vivian, Alexis, Naia, and Brooklyn. With different themes like the Concert, Summer Vacay, or Spring Dance fashion collections.

Off The Hook Fashion Dolls
Awesome accessories and look book

The last pack was a double pack, Off The Hook Style BFF Assortment at £12.99 which includes 2 Dolls, 4 Accessories, 2 Shopping Bags, 1 Shoe Box, 1 Hat Box, 1 Look book. In each pack there are mystery accessories to discover to help add the finishing touch to your Style Dolls look. The more Off The Hook fashions you collect, the more outfit combinations you can create and I liked looking at all the combinations on the look book sheet.

Off the Hook Dolls Review
Stacking up all my accessories

These mannequin girls grabbed my attention and a week on I’m still playing with them, paying particular attention to their miniature accessories. They are designed for ages 5 years and over because of the small parts and you twist and pull to hook out the connectors. They can be a bit stiff on the first couple of attempts but once they loosen up they are easier to play with and swap over the bodies, heads and wigs. I had great fun taking them apart and putting them back together again.

I’m sure you’ll agree the concept of these dolls are pretty nifty and you don’t need a lot to create loads of different looks. It’s keeping me amused for hours! Check out our video and let me know what your favourite doll is! I can’t wait till my friends start collecting them as we can enjoy swapping and comparing the various clothing options available. This has so much potential.

Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent some Off The Hook fashion dolls to review, all images and thoughts are our own.

31 thoughts on “Off The Hook Fashion Dolls

    1. So true! We’re going to be making the most of playing with dolls…it’s not going to last forever. Even my mummy was helping me create a story with them this morning x

  1. Off The Hook dolls look lots of fun! It’s great that they are so interchangeable, makes them seem really good value for money.

  2. I like these a lot. They have a look that’s a perfect cross between cute and edgy. I think any little girl would love them.

  3. Awwwnnn. Even as an adult, I love these dolls. I used to have stuffed clothes dolls for myself when I was much younger. Thanks to innovations, no more clothes stuffed toys.

  4. We’ve not heard about off the hook, but totally loving what I see here. Gonna get this for my daughter for her birthday as I know she would love this!

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