Popping mad for Yulu Pop Pops Pets!

Dear Mummy, Pop Pop Pets from Yulu Toys have exploded onto the the scene! They are new toy collectables which come in little slime-filled capsules.

Yulu Pop Pops Pets Review

They combine three of my favourite things – slime, popping and collectable toys! They are such a novel idea. You pop the bubble by squeezing it to release the slime and find out whether you have a new little Pop Pops Pet character! My mummy joked that it was like squeezing a spot and these are really satisfying.

Yulu Pop Pops Pets Review

I was so excited when a mega pack of Pop Pops Pets was sent to us to review and my unboxing video is LIVE on my YouTube channel if you fancy a nosey…

There are plenty of different size packs to collect to suit everyones budget. We were sent three small starter six-packs (£4.99 each), two medium sized ‘deluxe’ packs of 12 (£7.99 each) and two humongous promotional packs with 15 Pop Pops Pets bubbles inside.

Yulu Pop Pops Pets Review

The Pop Pop Pets capsules are made of thin plastic (a bit like clingfilm) which you squeeze until they burst open and pink or purple slime oozes out. If you’re lucky a toy will pop out too!

Yulu Pop Pops Pets Review

Not all of the Pop Pop Pets bubbles contain a character toy but I wasn’t too disappointed as you get slime! It’s best to collect all the slime from the bubbles in a little pot with a lid and we did this to re-use it afterwards. It’s like a double surprise!

Yulu Pop Pops Pets Review

Hidden inside a select few bubbles are miniature rubber collectable toys called Pop Pops Pets! There are 60 different little pets to collect, and these include common, rare, super rare and special edition pets. You can’t see them in the bubbles which makes the surprise even more exciting – a bit like blind bags.

Yulu Pop Pops Pets Review

I loved studying the collectors guide and there are seven different kinds of pets to discover from kittens, dogs, seals, pigs, sloths, llamas, penguins and even special metallic, glittery unicorns too! I was proper lucky to get a couple of super rare ones (see my video!). Their little faces and eyes are super cute and they are soft and squishy.

Pop Pops Pets Review

So what do you think of the little cute characters we popped? We got a couple of duplicates but they are great for swapping with friends. I had to keep remembering to take the slime out of the packaging before adding to our recycling bin.

Yulu Pop Pops Pets Review

I loved the way the slime felt. Its not greasy and not overly sticky, however like all slime avoid getting it onto the carpets or hair! It’s fun to play with and we received a little paper play mat in our box and would recommend using a vinyl table cloth or mat.

Pop Pops Pets Review

I loved the surprise element of Pop Pops Pets and the little characters exploding out of the pods. We made a popping wall for our unboxing video and it was fun seeing the slime ooze out. Pop Pops Pets Review

Just like blind bags and surprise toys the main drawback is the amount of waste you have to throw away after the unboxing. Thankfully the cardboard is recyclable along with the little bubble plastic pods and its a shame you can’t reseal them for extended play… maybe an idea for Series 2?!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent some Pop Pops Pets in order to review. All pop pop popping is our own!






21 thoughts on “Popping mad for Yulu Pop Pops Pets!

  1. What a fun toy – I quite like the idea of squeezing them out of the slime. Must be so satisfying! I agree as well – more sustainable product packaging for toys is needed!

  2. OMG, to be honest, I want these…they are just super cute and such a collectable. I think I will get extra packs for myself when I order for my kids

  3. Even if I did not have kids I would want these! They are amazing. My youngest is obsessed with little blind bag type toys AND slime. Really brings the best of both worlds in for this one! lol

  4. What a fun toy! I’ve never heard of it before, but would love to get it for my little niece, she’d love it.

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