We Bloomin Love Blume Dolls!

Dear Mummy, I’m obsessed with any form of surprise dolls. Toys that “emerge” from some kind of covering like an egg or blind bag. It’s the excitement and anticipation of discovering something new, just like a unwrapping a birthday present!

Blume Toy Unboxing

I love toys that have some kind of surprise factor, where you can cross your fingers and hope for super rare one and try to collect them all. I’m a massive fan of toys that come bundled with lots of cute accessories to unravel and discover, so I have more ways to be surprised.

Blume Toy Unboxing

Brand new Blume dolls have all the elements of a classic surprise toy but instead of an egg (like Hatchimals) or a ball (like LOL.Surprises) they grow out of a flower pot! This is such a novel idea! Series 1 includes 22 different dolls and some are rare and others are ultra rare. Each doll also comes with their very own accessories and little mini friend too that’s basically a cute accessory with eyes. Inside the flowerpot there are extra things like a purse, a pet, a watering can, stickers to decorate the pot and more!

Blume Toy Unboxing

Once inside the wrapper you get the pot with the watering can, add a few drops of water and TAH DAH! – the doll “blooms” before your eyes. Sometimes they even pop right out and it’s almost instant. Don’t believe me? Check out our video to see them come to life!

The first glimpse of the doll is it’s fabulous foam hairdo! Some resemble cakes, others are like fluffy clouds and rainbows, crystals and flowers. Each Blume Doll has crazy squishy hair that matches their distinctive personalities and outfits. If you don’t like the outfit or hairdo you can swap with friends as you can mix and match outfits and their accessories between the dolls. When not sporting their foam hair, each doll has a cute little bun on top of their head!

Blume Toy Unboxing

The end result is the cutest surprise doll with funky hair and outfits. I loved the packaging so much that I even kept the flowerpots for extended play. It transforms into a playset for the dolls and accessories and a little house to pack away all their bits.

Blume Toy Unboxing

Unraveling the toy is pretty mess-free as well which is great for my folks as they hate cleaning up loads of scraps. The packaging doesn’t generate too much trash as the pot becomes part of the toy which you can customise with the stickers included.

Blume Toy Unboxing

I even used the plastic lid and made it into a paddle pool for the dolls by flipping it upside down and using the left over water from the watering can!

Blume Toy Unboxing

There are 4 different Blume doll rarities you can get (with their 22 names!)

  1.  Mystical (Leilani is the one to get!)
  2.  Super Rare (Skye, Gemma, Cleo, Kit)
  3.  Rare (Lola, Poppy, Sierra, Cora, Roxy, Reese, Valerie)
  4.  Adorable (Sedonna, Tess, May, Mandy, Nori, Alana, Tate, Celine, Cammie, Krystal)

Blume Toy Unboxing

I was lucky enough to find Reese, Valerie and Alana and they are so cute, however Reese (who has the cupcake hair) is a bit top heavy and her hair keeps falling off! Good thing I don’t mind their painted hairstyles underneath.

Blume Toy Unboxing

In the future we’d love Blume dolls to release some seasonal ones like a limited edition pumpkin one for Halloween and a candy cane for Christmas! I’m here if you need a hand with the product design!

Blume Toy Unboxing

These are going to be BIG this year, once they catch on – and they will we can see them being the must-have toy of 2019! We love this surprise doll that lives in a little flower pot and once you water it, you’ll watch your doll grow. It really is a great reveal toy. Blume Series 1 collectable flower pot girls are £9.99 and available from all good toy shops! They are suitable for ages 3+.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent some Blume dolls to review, all super shock pops and gasps are our own (check out the video!)

15 thoughts on “We Bloomin Love Blume Dolls!

  1. It reminds me of a childhood favourite Bill and Ben the flower pot men. Perhaps Blume could add some boy dolls.

  2. My daughter loved Blume Dolls and looking at Reese, Valerie and Alana, I don’t blame her. She has been asking for this for a while now and her birthday is coming so looks like I know what to get her.

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