Fun Educational TV Programmes For Kids 2020

Dear Mummy, did you know that the TV can be your friend? Yes, I know you limit my screen time but you’ve been on the hunt for educational TV programmes to keep me occupied at home while helping me learn. Some days, the only way my folks are able to make dinner, tidy up or work from home is by using the trusty TV as a babysitter.

Educational TV Programmes

But fear not! Some TV programmes are actually quite educational! This list couldn’t come at a better time with the global pandemic and social distancing at home. So without further ado, here’s our Top Kid Friendly Educational TV Programmes for those of us in the UK (people further afield might be able to find these shows on YouTube or Netflix too!). We’d totally recommend them!

Kids Health TV Programmes

Operation Ouch – CBBC

Doc McStuffins – Disney

Get Well Soon – Cbeebies

Kids Animals TV Programmes

The Pets Factor – CBBC

Deadly 60 – CBBC

Blue Planet – Netflix

Our Planet – Netflix

Tales By Light – Netflix

Planet Earth And Planet Earth 2 – Netflix

Kids Phonics and Language TV Programmes

Alphablocks – CBeebies

The Lingo Show – CBeebies

Kids History TV Programmes

Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures – CBBC

Horrible Histories – CBBC

The Who Was? Show – Netflix

Kids Art TV Programmes

Art Ninja – CBBC

Get Squiggling – CBeebies

Kids Science and Technology TV Programmes

Nina and the Neurons – CBeebies

Bill Nye Saves the World – Netflix

Project Mc2  – Netflix

Odd Squad – CBBC

Technobabble – CBBC

Mythbusters Junior – Discovery Channel

The Mars Generation – Netflix

Messy Goes to OKIDO – CBeebies

Bitz & Bob – CBeebies

Kids Maths TV Programmes

Numberjacks – CBeebies

Team Umizoomi – Netflix

Numtums – CBeebies

Kids Music TV Programmes

Andy and the Odd Socks – CBBC

Something Special – CBeebies

Ask Anything – CBeebies

Kids Fun and Games TV Programmes

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Disney Channel

Show Me Show Me – CBeebies

Best Worst Weekend Ever – Netflix

Dora the Explorer – Nick Jnr

Minute to Win It – Netflix

The Big Family Cooking Showdown – Netflix

Junior BakeOff – All4

Kids Mystery and Problem solving TV Programmes

The InBESTigators – Netflix

Scooby Doo – Boomerang

Kids News TV Programmes

Newsround – CBBC

Blue Peter – CBBC

The One Show – BBCOne

So what do you think of this list? Are any of your favourites here? Do you have any suggestions for cool educational kids programs? Let us know in the comments!

Love Bella x

6 thoughts on “Fun Educational TV Programmes For Kids 2020

  1. This is a really great list of TV shows you and your mummy have compiled. I try to limit my kids screen time to, but some days it really is the only way to get dinner cooked.

  2. This is a great list. We’ve seen a few ourselves. My son loves the alphablocks and it’s perfect for him. My daughters enjoy operation ouch as the doctors are great at talking through things.

  3. Some great educational and fun TV ideas here, as I want kids to watch TV while we are isolated but I want it to be educational as well. I am hoping a mix of studying and fun activities will keep them busy and entertained.

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