Boredom Busting with Gazillion Bubbles!

Dear Mummy, with summer fast approaching and the whole nation stuck at home due to the Coronavirus we’re exploring our garden and creating opportunities to have fun. Bubbles make a great activity and the weather is set to be warm this Easter, so we escaped outside.

Gazillion Bubbles New Range 2020

Bubbles are fun at anytime and I loved blowing them outside to my friends next door! Creating joy down the street. I had fun playing with the Gazillion Incredibubble Wand using the special super strength non-toxic Blue Gazillion Bubble solution and my Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine and Gazillion Megabubble Blaster! What do you think of these cool bubbles?

Gazillion Bubbles New Range 2020

Gazillion Bubbles sounds exactly like the name, there’s loads of them to collect and pop! A special formula is used in the bubble solution that creates more and bigger bubbles! Aimed at small kids and big kids, there is a new range of products out in shops and online at Tesco now.

I got to try out the amazing Gazillion Incredibubble Wand first. The wand lets you make bubbles as big as you! The wand is pretty huge, the loop is bigger than my head and definitely takes blowing bubbles to the next level. It reminds me of the bubble guys that are at festivals creating big bubble shows. This bit of kits means I can do it at home!

Gazillion Incredibubble Wand Review

Simply pour the Gazillion solution into the tray, dip the wand into the solution and wave the wand to create enormous bubbles. Included with your wand is a 16 oz. bottle of the special super strength non-toxic Blue Gazillion Bubble solution. I found this a little tricky to create massive bubbles at first, but once I got the hang of it I had really good fun.

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Wand

My folks also loved playing with the giant bubble wand, creating large shapes for me to follow and burst. Some of them were so big that they nearly filled the width of my garden!

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Wand Review

The blue Premium Big Bubble solution that comes with the wand is excellent and great for creating super large bubbles and we found that if we mixed a little water to the solution it worked really well, but practice makes perfect when it comes to how much to mix.

Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine

Next up was the Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine and I loved the look of this contraption. It was the one that generated the most bubbles in one go, super quick! You can also leave it in the corner of the garden to whirl and create loads of bubbles for kids to chase. Check out my video to see Gazillion Bubbles in action.

Great for entertaining lots of people in one go theres no need for sharing and enough bubbles to go round! The bubbles were smaller than the wand but equally fun.

Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine

The bubble machine uses a tornado motion to blow a storm of bubbles straight up into the air. I had lots of fun running through it, just be careful though as it uses up the bubble solution very quickly!

Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine Review

The Gazillion bubbles tornado comes with a pre-mixed green 4oz bottle of gazillion bubbles, which is also non-toxic. All-in-all though, this is the most fun bubble machine that we have ever owned, a number of bubbles blown in every minute just makes me go wild.

Gazillion Megabubble Blaster Review

Last up to test was the Megabubble Blaster which looks like a water gun, but actually shoots out giant 6” bubbles at the push of a button. To get going, you simply screw in the included giant solution and you’re ready to blast! It does say to mix but I think we over diluted the solution which meant our bubbles didn’t hold well.

Gazillion Megabubble Blaster Review

Again, like the Giant Wand there was a knack to use this bubble gun contraption. It took my folks some time to get the hang of it but the bubbles created were pretty epic. It needs batteries which weren’t included and makes a bit of a noisy sound due to the fan.

Gazillion Megabubble Blaster

The Gazillion Megabubble Blaster includes a 4 oz bottle of blue Gazillion Premium Bubbles solution. This is the only solution that should be used with the blaster, in order to create the larger bubbles. As you can see above, if you don’t get the mixture right the bubbles won’t form.

Gazillion Megabubble Blaster Review

Gazillion bubbles are premium bubbles and it was great to have the Gazillion Bubbles 2L Giant solution to refill my bubble machines. You can definitely see the differences with this bubble mixture, and it does create spectacular bubbles.

Gazillion Bubbles 2L Giant solution

Refills come in 8oz, 2L and 4L bottles in both regular (green) and giant bubble (blue) formulas, and are available from large retailers including Tesco and is also online at Amazon! 

The Gazillion Bubbles 2020 range

The Gazillion Bubbles range has been a real hit in this household and are going to provide hours of entertainment and joy in a period of uncertain times. Check out Funrise Toys UK for more exciting ideas to keep kids occupied while at home.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: I was kindly sent the Gazillion Bubbles range in order to review, all bubble popping and smiles are my own!

12 thoughts on “Boredom Busting with Gazillion Bubbles!

  1. These look like great fun, we used to love playing with bubbles when the kids were younger but never had anything like this.

  2. I know I might appear too old – but I LOVE bubbles still – I often buy them for the kids and then they never can have a go – bit mean but they do enjoy chasing the bubbles – it is something about their magic and when they reflect the it – and this kit sounds perfect FOR ME!!! 🙂

  3. My kids absolutely adore bubbles so they would definitely love something like this. I might have to get it for them to enjoy in the sunshine.

  4. We love our gazillion of bubbles sets although not seen the new one yet, they look like a lot of fun

  5. WOW it looks like you guys had loads of fun! I agree Gazillion bubbles are the best bubbles around and all the products you have tried to go with the solution look like so much fun, especially the wand and the bubble gun! I think I might have to get some of these for my little ones to use in the garden too!

  6. OK now this looks like it would be SO much fun! Who doesn’t love bubbles?! I used to love trying to catch them, or seeing what I could get them to settle on.

  7. This looks great fun, my girls would have so much fun with this. We’re spending a lot of time in the garden at the moment.

  8. Ooh I will look out for the tornado bubble machine, my kids would love it and so would my dogs! The giant bubbles look so good, I have never been able to do them, I always pop them

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