Wicked Vision Toys – Keeping active at home

Dear Mummy, keeping me entertained at the best of times can be tricky but being stuck at home my folks are struggling to finding more ways to keep me occupied. It’s a challenge to keep me off electronic gadgets and away from the telly, so I was thrilled to receive some of the world’s best indoor and outdoor active toys delivered straight to my door from Wicked Vision Toys.

Wicked Vision Toys Review

I first discovered Wicked Vision Toys at the London Toy Fair and had lots of fun on their stand playing with some of their toys. Check out my London Toy Fair vlog to see.

Wicked Vision are a young, vibrant toy company like no other. Full of fun and energy, they love creating energetic toys to encourage physical activity which is great for kids like me, stuck isolated at home. I was sent some indoor/outdoor toys to review – Wicked UKick, Indoor Booma Boomerang and the Mega Jump Rope. I’m lucky enough to have a garden but these can also be used inside.

Wicked Vision Toys Review

Indoor Booma Boomerang – £6

The indoor Booma Boomerang is made of soft, lightweight foam which bounces off the walls (and heads) which is reassuring for my folks. It’s made from specially engineered ‘memorang’ foam and comes in different colours. It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of throwing it to begin with it. However once you master the swing it does work and flies back to you, which is very satisfying. Can you count how many times I hit my mummy with it though?!? Check out my video clip to see!


It can fly up to 4-6 metres either indoors or outdoor. We’ve been playing with it as a family, having much needed exercise with it outside. You simply mould/twist the tips of the Booma to change the flight path and full instructions are on the packaging. We also had a lot of fun watching all the YouTube videos of others playing with the Booma Boomerang.

Wicked Vision Toys Review

Wicked UKick – £8

Next up was the strange looking UKick mixture between the badminton shuttlecock and a traditional “keepy-uppy”. UKick was voted one of the best new toys at the London Toy Fair. The aim of the game is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can by using your hands or feet. It comes with 5 weights which you can add to the base to increase/decrease the skill level. The more weights you add, the higher it will bounce. I was chasing it all around the garden trying to keep it off the ground and its a great form of exercise.

Wicked Vision Toys Review

Mega Jump Single Jump Rope – £8

This reminds me of school days and I loved playing jump rope. The jump rope is great for beginners like me. You can adjust the length of the rope using the rope release mechanism according to your height. Full instructions are on the box. Just take of the cap of the handle, remove the clip and cut/adjust the rope to size.

Wicked Vision Toys Review

So, how are you guys staying active during the Covid_19 lockdown? I’ve had so much fun with these toys and they have injected some lighthearted relief in our days.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent some Wicked Vision Toys to review, all bloopers, giggles and jumps are our own.

13 thoughts on “Wicked Vision Toys – Keeping active at home

  1. I’ve not seen anything like the UKick before, very unique.

    I’ve been keeping busy with some puzzles and colouring books but also taking part in some youtube dance video workouts.

  2. I used to have a jump rope too when I was little it does bring back memories. I think it’s probably time to get one in for my daughters they had some in the past but they broke. It’s good to keep them active.

  3. Ohh these toys looks wicked! Its fantastic for kids for indoor play, I wish I had these when I was little x Cecilia

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