My New Book – The Littlest Blogger

Hi there everyone! Something super exciting has happened. I can now say that I’m a published author! My new book The Littlest Blogger is now out in stores. It’s a colourful picture book aimed at primary school children.

It shares my true story on how I started blogging, based on my adventures from this blog, Dear Mummy Blog and is illustrated by the very talented Ellie Illustrates.

A lot of you know that my mummy and I have been blogging for eight years here at Dear Mummy Blog. My mummy, Dawn, is an avid diary writer and self-proclaimed over-sharer! When she was my age, she started writing in her personal diary and kept it going well into her 30’s.

Camp Bestival 2017 Review

But after suffering an injury to her hand in 2013, she couldn’t write in her journal anymore and decided to start a blog and type one key at a time. This blog was formed in 2014 but it wasn’t until I joined in that it became a real success!

BritMums #BiBs2019 Winner

I’m now the co-writer of the blog and main contributor to the video content, even winning an award for my reviews in 2019. I’m currently learning to edit my own footage and really enjoy being in front and behind the camera!

The Littlest Blogger picture book documents how I started to show an interest in creative writing and took to the computer under the watchful eye of my mummy, finally becoming a social media star and winning an award for my reviews.

My mummy, Dawn, moderates all comments and manages all social media accounts, which leaves me more time to concentrate on doing what I love the most and that’s creating fun content.

My mummy says, “Bella has always wanted to share stories and her opinions on things, through imaginary plays to mock interviews, she really enjoys being a kid blogger”

With the full support of our family, having a blog with my mummy and navigating the digital landscape together is a great way to document our memories. We love doing fun activities and reviews to share with our followers too.

My daddy says, “Being involved with Dear Mummy Blog has provided the whole family with so many opportunities we wouldn’t have ordinarily had, like reviewing festivals, trips away and being the first to see brand new toys not yet on shelves”

Included in the picture book are simple tips on how to be Internet Safe and I hope the book will open up a dialogue in a practical way about children’s safety online. It’s a good way to start a conversation with little ones.

The Littlest Blogger is now available at Waterstones, Amazon, WHSmith and on the Pegasus website.

“If this picture book can open up a discussion about influencers and bloggers, along with Internet Safety for kids then it might just be a good tool to feature in schools”

The Littlest Blogger costs £5.99 and is available at Waterstones, Amazon and by visiting

We really hope you enjoy the book and tag us on Instagram @dear_mummy #TheLittlestBlogger to let us know!

Bella x

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32 thoughts on “My New Book – The Littlest Blogger

  1. This is awesome Bella and of course mummy! You’re such an inspiration and we are super excited to read your first book!!

  2. This is absolutely amazing Bella . We are so excited to read your book . Good luck with the launch 💕

  3. We are so excited to read your book!
    This is such a huge achievement at such a young age!
    Keep being fabulous 💕

  4. Wow!! This is incredible Bella & Mummy 💖 we r so excited to read your new book, can’t believe your a published author!! Just amazing!! Molly Moobags & Jayne (Mummy) xx

  5. We love this Blog and are so looking forward to picking up our copy of this New Childrens Book. Congratulations Dawn and Bella

  6. This is so exciting Bella. We are so proud of you and w e any wait to collect our copy and share it in Instagram xxxx

  7. The hugest of congratulations to you Dawn, and Bella! Wow!! It looks gorgeous. You must be SO proud. Well done!! We’ll definitely be getting a copy 🙂 Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories with your news xxx

  8. Congratulations to you all! I like to think one of those school girls in red uniform is my niece based on our connection 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

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