Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Mayflower Theatre

Roll Up, Roll Up! We have something exciting to share with you!

Last night we went to the most spectacular pantomime in Southampton. Actually it was more like visiting the circus. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw the Mayflower Theatre stage filled with thousands of lights and the most amazing circus set that would rival any West End production!

Actor, singer and television star Jason Donovan led the cast in Goldilocks and the Three Bears alongside Coronation Street and musical theatre star Faye Brookes, and Richard Cadell & Sooty. Adam Strong completed this fantastic cast as Betty Barnham a fabulous pantomime dame!

©Mayflower Theatre 2022

The comic timing and chemistry between the main cast was the best we’ve ever seen! Especially when they all performed The Twelve Days of Christmas pantomime rendition.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

My highlight was watching a tap dancing bear perform alongside a talented ensemble in sequins to a number inspired by the musical 42nd Street. Well done Shakira Simpson, the dancing was incredible and couldn’t have been easy in a bear suit!

My Daddy’s highlight was belly laughing at the pots and pans scene, as the gents swung into action! It was a bit fruity but very funny.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

My Mummy’s highlight was Sooty as the DJ extraordinaire and Sweep returning to Southampton to drench the audience in tears!

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

The show was like Britain’s Got Talent with class acts from Junior Lichner as Rola Rola, and the Skating Sensations, Armando and Jane. They performed death defying tricks which had me peeping through my fingers and clapping till my hands were tingling.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

Throughout the show the illusions were baffling and the magic real, how did they make a motorcycle disappear into thin air and get a huge elephant on stage?!?

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

The pantomime was a feast for the eyes with sets and costumes from The London Palladium. There was so much razzle dazzle my folks had to close my mouth on several occasions as I gasped in awe. I had to rub my eyes in disbelief when I saw hippos dance across the stage!

Local references to the surrounding area kept this pantomime grounded and I felt like the audience was one big family on this journey together. I’ve never seen a crowd go crazy like they did at the Mayflower Theatre. Audience participation was cranked up to 110%.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

Goldilocks and the Three Bears follows Dame Betty Barnum and her daughter Goldilocks, who are battling to save their circus from the Evil Ringmaster who is intent on stealing their three loveable bears and leaving them in ruin.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

Jason Donovan who played the Evil Ringmaster was definitely a bad neighbour at his Circus of Nightmares. The Australian jokes came thick and fast. Jason Donovan was such a good sport to poke fun at himself. The Jason Donovan medley went down a storm! And he even adapted some of his most famous songs for the show.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

Faye Brookes playing the title role of Goldilocks was a wonderful singer and the glue that kept it all together. Amazing stage presence.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

Adam Strong was a great Pantomime dame, quick witted and commanding in his Wonder Women outfit.

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

Richard Cadell as Joey the Circus Clown along with Sooty were outstanding and very funny!

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

The creative team did a fantastic job and I loved every minute of this spectacular show! If you love “The Goes Wrong Show” and “Britain’s Got Talent” with a sprinkling of pantomime glamour then this is the show for you!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is on until Sat 31 Dec 2022. Tickets are available from the Box Office 02380 711811 or online

©Stuart Martin 2022 @snapperstu

This is no ordinary pantomine, this is a Mayflower Theatre pantomine and I was impressed and left wanting an encore. It definitely was The Greatest Pantomime on Earth!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: I was gifted tickets in order to review, all thoughts, videos and photos are my own.

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