I can’t sleep!

Night Night Mummy

Night Night Mummy

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My bedsheets are cold, the air is thick, my eyelids are heavy.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

The fan is on, the sound pulsates around the room like a low flying airplane. It’s dark but light at the same time, the curtains are twitching in the hot breeze from the window. They let shards of bright light into the room casting lighting bolts across my cot. I’m confused it’s not nearly bedtime yet.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My nappy is itchy, my sleep bag is stuffy. My thumb isn’t soothing. I toss and turn.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My forehead is sweaty, my hair is damp creating loose curls at the nape of my neck.

I so want to go to sleep…

It’s 24 degrees in my room tonight and I hunch myself onto all fours, my bum sticking up in the air. I stuff teddies underneath my body trying to get comfortable.

I can’t get to sleep…

I let out a whimper, a sniffle, a cry. I call for my mummy and she’s there by my side. Soothing me with a cold flannel and rubbing my back. She hums a sweet sound that lulls me back on track.

Goodnight Mr Teddy, goodnight Mr Star, off to the land of nod I go which seems very far….

…far away I drift on a sound of humming fans and sweet, sweet singing from far away lands.

Toddler Wedding Guest Tips


Dear mummy, we’re heading to a wedding this summer and want to make sure we’re ready. After speaking to a lot of friends and family here’s our list of how to survive a wedding with a toddler!

1) Get yourself organised and leave plenty of time to get to the church. It’s awkward being late and frazzled, never mind rushing a toddler out of the door.

2) Try and sit yourself at the end of a pew, so you have a quick getaway in case of a toddler meltdown. Have an exit strategy and suss out where the toilets and breakout areas are.

3) Make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities. Have a change of clothes and nappies/wipes in case of ‘toilet’ accidents.

4) Little snacks are a good way to keep toddlers happy during a service, keeping their little fingers happy and their minds occupied. Opt for light, non messy snacks like popcorn or pom-bears, steer clear of yoghurts, things that melt and cheesy Wotsits – I’m sure you don’t want orange handprints over your dress or others!! eeek

5) If the snack option is a no go, try offering a toddler a sicker book – I love my Frozen sticker book and it will keep me occupied for ages, just make sure you check your clothes after the service for unwanted accessories. Last time my mummy had stickers on her shoulders and bum. Not a good look.

6) Let the toddler revel in the attention from family members, its inevitable that toddlers will be cheeky during a wedding service, whether it is standing on pews, pulling faces and waving at other guests, just let them get on with it. If they make too much noise – extract!

7) Share. Share your toddler around, if other family members or close friends would like to help entertain, carry or calm a toddler – let them. Weddings are a family affair and you always have support. If not, try to take turns to keep a child amused, so the other can enjoy a quick nibble or drinkie-poo at the reception.

8) Take loads of photos and involve your toddler, pointing out the princess in the white dress. Make-believe a fairytale land and get them to observe the guests.

9) Relax and have fun. If your toddler sees you happy it will radiate through to them (well that’s the idea) a toddler knows when an adult is stressed and angry and can feed off that negative energy.

10) If you have to go home, because your toddler isn’t playing ball – then don’t fret. People will understand…they don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing!

Lots of Love Bella and her mummy x

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