I can’t sleep!

Night Night Mummy

Night Night Mummy

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My bedsheets are cold, the air is thick, my eyelids are heavy.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

The fan is on, the sound pulsates around the room like a low flying airplane. It’s dark but light at the same time, the curtains are twitching in the hot breeze from the window. They let shards of bright light into the room casting lighting bolts across my cot. I’m confused it’s not nearly bedtime yet.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My nappy is itchy, my sleep bag is stuffy. My thumb isn’t soothing. I toss and turn.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My forehead is sweaty, my hair is damp creating loose curls at the nape of my neck.

I so want to go to sleep…

It’s 24 degrees in my room tonight and I hunch myself onto all fours, my bum sticking up in the air. I stuff teddies underneath my body trying to get comfortable.

I can’t get to sleep…

I let out a whimper, a sniffle, a cry. I call for my mummy and she’s there by my side. Soothing me with a cold flannel and rubbing my back. She hums a sweet sound that lulls me back on track.

Goodnight Mr Teddy, goodnight Mr Star, off to the land of nod I go which seems very far….

…far away I drift on a sound of humming fans and sweet, sweet singing from far away lands.

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