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Dear mummy, lets face it we don’t exactly have the most reliable summer. We often wake up with the promise of sunshine only to be disappointed with rain, leaving us stuck for something to do. We know that rain and … Continue reading

Being funny for money! #RND15

Being funny for money – Red Nose Day 2015

Red Nose DayDear mummy, its Red Nose Day for Comic Relief on Friday 13th March and we want to get involved and help donate to this great cause.

My mummy sadly missed out on Team Honk’s Wembley Danceathon due to a family birthday and she attempted to #honkfromhome wiggling her bum while watching her blogging friends on telly.

They danced for 6 hours straight to raise money for Comic Relief. They have raised £30k so far which is a fantastic result. I’m just a baby so there isn’t much I can do at present to help raise that much money, so I have decided to bake some cakes and dress my mummy for work #mykidsdressedme. We’re going to get friends, family and work colleagues to donate money to Comic Relief by texting FUNNY to 70011.

So, here’s what we got up to…

Red Nose Day BakingWe made vanilla sponge cakes, using milk, eggs, pre-mix sponge powder, and dressed them with red icing and red sprinkles.

Red Nose Day Baking CakesWe also picked up this cute Comic Relief cake decorating kit which included cake toppers and paper cake cups from Sainsbury’s at £2.50 with £1.25 going to Comic Relief.Sainsbury’s have gone to town with this year’s Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) merchandise. The till points are packed with red noses, headbands, badges, baking aids and wristbands. It’s good fun though and for a great cause.

So here’s what we did to make our cakes:

  • My mummy preheated the oven to 180. I wasn’t allowed to go near the hot oven as it’s dangerous.
  • We mixed the vanilla sponge pre-mix (the whole bag) with 120ml of milk and two eggs.
  • We used a hand-held whisk and elbow grease. No lumpy bits where left.
  • After 2 minutes we poured the mix into the paper cake cup bases.
  • My mummy put them into the oven, while I watched from my highchair. We mixed icing sugar with red food colouring for the decoration.
  • Red Nose Fay Baking CakesWe waited 12 minutes for the cakes to bake until they were light golden.
  • My mummy tested with a knife to make sure they were cooked through.
  • We let them cool down on a wire rack for 20 ministers while I watch Postman Pat.
  • Comic Relief Red Nose Day CakesWe decorated them in a haphazardly way and added the cake toppers.

And…..TAH DAH!

Red Nose Day 2015I also dressed my mummy this week! I went into her wardrobe and picked (tugged) at clothes that she should wear to work. We laid them on the bed and I decided what you were going to wear.

In order to do “something funny for money” my mummy is urging all her colleagues and friends to also join in and let their kids dress them and donate money to Comic Relief #RND15 by texting FUNNY to 70011.

She found out about this idea from her blogging friend Pippa at Story of Mum and though it was a great idea to join in with her and others as a great way to raise a smile through social media. #mykidsdressedme

My kids dressed me

My Kids Dressed MeThis is my creation! Hahahahahahaha! Poor mummy 😉

What have you been up to over Red Nose Day? Just leave your ideas and posts in the comments section and we’ll pop over and have a look x

Lots of love Bella….. Oh and silly mummy! Xx

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Our first trip to Hatchlands – National Trust

Hatchlands Park, National Trust

Dear mummy, last week we visited Just for Tiny People’s Open Day near Dorking and Guildford and decided to pop into Hatchlands Park, one of two National Trust properties on the A246.

Hatchlands Park tearoom Hatchlands is on the edge of the Surrey hills and a lot of families have been raving about the seasonal children’s activities they host. It’s only 45 mins away from London. We’ve already visited Clandon Park, down the road, on Mothers Day.

Hatchlands Park is a red-brick country house with surrounding gardens in East Clandon, Surrey, England, covering 430 acres and has been a Grade I listed property since 1967.

The Georgian Mansion was built in the 1750’s for naval hero Admiral Edward Boscawen. It is a family home and today its residents are in (we don’t know who they are), so the house is closed for visitors.

I’m sure the family don’t want people popping in to look at the great collection of musical instruments and paintings while they are watching telly. The property is famous for housing Europe’s largest collection of keyboard instruments associated with famous composers such as JC Bach, Chopin and Elgar. I’m like a magpie when it comes to musical instruments and gravitate toward anything they makes a big noise, so it is actually for the best I’m not in the house today.

Hatchlands Park CourtyardHatchlands Park also has five mapped walks and a parterre garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll. But today the weather is miserable so we head straight to the tearoom for lunch.

We enjoy some fine fare and warm up with hot jacket potatoes, fresh out of the oven…yummy.

A lovely man called Ray from the National Trust pops in to tell everyone that the cellar tours of the house are happening today free of charge, as visitors can’t gain entry to the house and the weather is so bad, it seems everyone is hiding out from the rain in the tearoom.

While we wait for the tour we venture outside and the rain is a light drizzle. I have fun jumping around in the puddles in the cobbled courtyard. Some of them are really deep and mummy tests them out to make sure I don’t get swallowed up by them!

Hatchlands Park PianosBefore long we hear the tinkering of ivories coming from one of the outhouses surrounding the courtyard. I run over making sure I stomp in every puddle on the way and find a piano, children’s books and activities in this stable barn.

Other children are playing on the piano and I wait my turn.

Finally I get to play on the keys, my small fingers gently prodding the cold keys, my mummy leans over and strikes some chords which I try to mimic. It’s great fun and the sound echoes around the empty courtyard and sounds eerie, the clouds have darkened again and everyone has gone inside for the cellar tour which is about to commence.

We queue up with the rest for the families on the tour and get a safety brief from the National Trust man Ray, he issues out safety helmets as it can get a bit dark down in the cellar and he doesn’t want us banging our heads on the low ceilings and old pipe work. I’m not allowed to be picked up or carried for that reason too, incase my mummy bangs my head, so I hold her hand and head into the darkness.

I love hearing my voice ‘echo echo echo’ and babble all the way down the stairs holding onto mummy and the side of the wall. It’s cold and damp down here and the National Trust have set up war-time scenes of when people used to live down here in war-time Britain when the bombings were happening. Cot beds and desks are set up so people could sleep and work here when’s the air strikes were happening. I couldn’t image it mummy, it seems so dismal and scary down here. The cellars have an eerie feeling…it was a humbling experience and we were glad we visited the cellars. Ray and Jenny, the tour host were very informative and friendly.

Hatchlands Wizaard WoodlandBy the time we reach the top of the stairs into the daylight the rain has cleared up and the sun is shining. We head towards the Wizard Wix’s Willow Warren in the woods….wow! that’s a bit of a mouthful!!

It’s a adventure area made using tree stumps and wood crafted into dens and an assault course for small people.

It’s great fun and we spend a whole hour playing.

My mummy sings to me in the den and holds my hand as we walk the wooden beams. Other children are running around in a fantasy land of dragons and wizards and we can hear them talking about motes and dungeons. The sun is shining and I go to take a break in one of the wooden huts, I feel so lucky to be out in the fresh air exploring and getting muddy.

By the end of the day I’m pooped and feel my eyes getting heavy, my mummy is a bit tired too having had to navigate the buggy over the hills. I must fall asleep in the car, as when I wake up I’m home. A really nice day. Thanks National Trust.

Love Bella x

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