Being funny for money! #RND15

Being funny for money – Red Nose Day 2015

Red Nose DayDear mummy, its Red Nose Day for Comic Relief on Friday 13th March and we want to get involved and help donate to this great cause.

My mummy sadly missed out on Team Honk’s Wembley Danceathon due to a family birthday and she attempted to #honkfromhome wiggling her bum while watching her blogging friends on telly.

They danced for 6 hours straight to raise money for Comic Relief. They have raised £30k so far which is a fantastic result. I’m just a baby so there isn’t much I can do at present to help raise that much money, so I have decided to bake some cakes and dress my mummy for work #mykidsdressedme. We’re going to get friends, family and work colleagues to donate money to Comic Relief by texting FUNNY to 70011.

So, here’s what we got up to…

Red Nose Day BakingWe made vanilla sponge cakes, using milk, eggs, pre-mix sponge powder, and dressed them with red icing and red sprinkles.

Red Nose Day Baking CakesWe also picked up this cute Comic Relief cake decorating kit which included cake toppers and paper cake cups from Sainsbury’s at £2.50 with £1.25 going to Comic Relief.Sainsbury’s have gone to town with this year’s Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) merchandise. The till points are packed with red noses, headbands, badges, baking aids and wristbands. It’s good fun though and for a great cause.

So here’s what we did to make our cakes:

  • My mummy preheated the oven to 180. I wasn’t allowed to go near the hot oven as it’s dangerous.
  • We mixed the vanilla sponge pre-mix (the whole bag) with 120ml of milk and two eggs.
  • We used a hand-held whisk and elbow grease. No lumpy bits where left.
  • After 2 minutes we poured the mix into the paper cake cup bases.
  • My mummy put them into the oven, while I watched from my highchair. We mixed icing sugar with red food colouring for the decoration.
  • Red Nose Fay Baking CakesWe waited 12 minutes for the cakes to bake until they were light golden.
  • My mummy tested with a knife to make sure they were cooked through.
  • We let them cool down on a wire rack for 20 ministers while I watch Postman Pat.
  • Comic Relief Red Nose Day CakesWe decorated them in a haphazardly way and added the cake toppers.

And…..TAH DAH!

Red Nose Day 2015I also dressed my mummy this week! I went into her wardrobe and picked (tugged) at clothes that she should wear to work. We laid them on the bed and I decided what you were going to wear.

In order to do “something funny for money” my mummy is urging all her colleagues and friends to also join in and let their kids dress them and donate money to Comic Relief #RND15 by texting FUNNY to 70011.

She found out about this idea from her blogging friend Pippa at Story of Mum and though it was a great idea to join in with her and others as a great way to raise a smile through social media. #mykidsdressedme

My kids dressed me

My Kids Dressed MeThis is my creation! Hahahahahahaha! Poor mummy 😉

What have you been up to over Red Nose Day? Just leave your ideas and posts in the comments section and we’ll pop over and have a look x

Lots of love Bella….. Oh and silly mummy! Xx

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9 thoughts on “Being funny for money! #RND15

  1. Ooo what a fantastic bunch of photos! It looks like you had a great time joining in the fun of comic relief and I have this image of mummy honking in font of the tv hehehe! #mummymonday

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