Allie and Bird Tutu Review

Allie & Bird Tutu

Dear Mummy, last weekend we visited The New Forest Fairy Festival in Burley, Hampshire. No little girl would be complete without her fairy costume and this year I wanted to wear a dress that wasn’t just a costume but could … Continue reading

A sweet treat from Bakers Days

A sweet treat from Baker Days

Dear mummy, we love cake! So imagine our delight when the postman delivered a cake through the letterbox! A heavy clunk on the front door mat. It nearly scared the life out of us. We ran to the door and saw a very thin white cardboard box on the floor. Intrigued we both scramble to pick it up…not really knowing what it was.

Bakers Day Letterbox CakeInside is a cute little round tin. We’ve been expecting a cake to be delivered from Baker Days to review….but nothing like this!! Who posts a cake through the letterbox?!? Genius.

Bakers Day Letterbox Cake 1Eagerly we open the tin and see this beautiful Valentines Day cake, vivid colours underneath a clear plastic bakers wrap, keeping it fresh.

The tin protects the cake and lets it breath with little ventilation holes in it. We couldn’t imagine the cake breaking as the tin is a perfect fit. So perfect in fact that the cake is very snug inside and there’s not much movement.

A piece of paper helps you pull the cake out of the tin but unfortunately my mummy (in her eagerness to get to the cake) tears the flimsy paper strip.

Oh dear, we’re going to have to find another way to get this out, luckily for us it’s easily extracted from the cake tin as the cake sits on a cardboard base and we gently tip the cake upside down and it falls out.

Bakers Day Letterbox Cake 2We open it up to get a good look at it before devouring it.

It’s a pretty sponge cake, no jam to my mummy’s disappointment 😦 but the vanilla sponge and soft icing is amazing.

It really melts in your mouth and the sponge is super fresh and springy.

The pattern and colour on the cake looks like it’s been digitally printed onto the icing and covers the cake fully.

Bakers Day Letterbox Cake 4As Valentine’s Day is coming up we enjoy the moment and share with Daddy too! My mummy cuts into the cake and we all have a slice each. I would say there’s enough to feed 4 people a slice. Bakers Days have also supplied two white cake candles and a small packet of balloons and some fun party blowers.

There’s a little message card and information leaflet too. It’s such a good idea to have a cake you can mail to people!

We’ve never seen anything like it and on Bakers Day website there are all different types of designs, sizes and occasions to choose from. Bakers Days also produce larger cakes for delivery too.

At £14.99 for a letterbox cake (12cm x 2.5cm) which can be personalised it’s a real sweet treat. If you order before 2pm you can get next day delivery. They also deliver at no cost within seven days and offer a bespoke design service too, so you can customise your cake with a design, text and even your photo!

Bakers Day Letterbox Cake 5The cake is good to eat for 14 days after delivery so it doesn’t need to be eaten straight away…. Fat chance in this household! I really enjoyed the cake as the photos show and can’t wait to order my next one. Thanks Bakers Days for sending me one to review it tasted lovely.

Bella x

Family Fever

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Dear mummy, it’s only 3 weeks until my second birthday and you’ve left everything to the last-minute again!

We’ve booked the venue today and the online invites are winging their way to all the little people and big folk.

Recently I’ve starting singing and humming twinkle twinkle little star, I think it’s because you cradled me in your arms during my rough sleeping patch over Christmas and sung it to me A LOT!

So, we’ve decided to use ‘stars’ as the main theme for my party 🙂

2nd Birthday Star decorationsWhile we were out in town today we found this gorgeous Paperchase party set HALF PRICE!! Lovely gold stars, stripes and dots…perfect for my party. My mummy thinks it was the remnant of New Years Eve party wear but it’s nice nonetheless for a kids party.

So now we’ve got the theme, my mummy is going to cut large cardboard stars out and paint them gold and hang them from the venue ceiling 🙂

One of our family friends is baking the Star cake which I am looking forward to seeing and eating. Nom.

I can’t wait to see all my little friends and partaay!

Keep posted in early February to see how we got on!

Love Bella x

I know what we did last…Halloween

Our family Halloween antics

Dear mummy, I know what you did last summer…..*cough* I mean last Halloween.

Dear mummy blog HalloweenEveryone that knows you, knows you LOVE Halloween, it’s a big thing in our house and you’ve been attending Halloween parties since you were a little girl.

Even when you were pregnant with me you were out in fancy dress, partying, drinking ginger beer!

Our first Halloween as a family last year was spent carving pumpkins with close family friends, decorating the house and getting ready for a fabulous children’s party. Over the last eight years you and daddy have dressed up as, Dog soldiers, pumpkins, witches, vampires, Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, Morticia Adams, the White Queen, Star Wars characters, zombies and the list goes on! I hope you like the flash-back photos I found off your computer! There are so many photos so I picked the best ones.

Baby Isabella Carving PumpkinsWhile I was browsing through your photos I also found our first pumpkin carving attempt, we had such good fun that day and can’t wait to try it again next week.

I love the fashion that’s around too, dark autumnal colours, neon greens and oranges and creepy spider and bat tops and leggings.

My favourite is my little ghost jumper from Bonnie Baby UK and the great selection from NEXT.

We hope that everyone has a lovely a Halloween this year, we’ll be prepping by baking spooky cupcakes, lighting candles for the carved pumpkins and going to parties.

love Bella x

Dear mummy Halloween 2

Mami 2 Five