Allie and Bird Tutu Review

Dear Mummy, last weekend we visited The New Forest Fairy Festival in Burley, Hampshire. No little girl would be complete without her fairy costume and this year I wanted to wear a dress that wasn’t just a costume but could be worn on special occasions too!

Allie & Bird Tutu

By special occasions I mean wearing it down the shops, in bed, watching TV and to nursery. Hahaha! You see since receiving my gorgeous purple tutu dress from Allie & Bird I’ve been inseparable from it.

Girl in the purple tutu

These beautiful tutu’s are made by Ava, a mummy of 2 little ones, who runs Allie & Bird from her home studio in Cambridgeshire. Like my mummy she has a background in graphic design, but her passion for children’s textiles and creating cool graphic printables has blossomed into a successful family business.

Allie & Bird Tutu

I received my tutu dress through the post in a beautiful pink box with ribbon. I was so excited to open the box and it was a very special parcel – even my mummy was excited. Inside the box was an immaculately wrapped dress layered in tissue paper and I gasped and whispered ‘oh wow’ when I opened it. Obviously I wanted to wear it straight away! I bounced on the bed excitedly and twirled around amazed by the fluffiness of the 4 layers of soft tulle. Each item is handmade and bespoke.

Allie and Bird Tutu Review

The colour was stunning, the most amazing shade of purple I’ve ever seen. We loved the attention to detail with my name embellished on the dress in beautiful gold lettering. The typography was lovely and my mummy was impressed with the font choice. The little pink glittery bows added to the sparkle and made the dress magical! The upper part of the dress was super soft cotton with ribbon straps which were comfy and matched the shade of purple. Gold lettering was a lovely personalisation. I’m small for my age, so am going to get a lot of wear out of this dress, it wasn’t short either which meant I could bend down and retain my modesty.

Allie and Bird Tutu Review

I picked up fairy wings (which just happened to be the same shade of glorious purple) in the morning of the fairy festival from a fancy dress shop in Basingstoke for £5.99. A great stroke of luck! The pack even included a wand! We had loads of people comment on my dress at the fairy festival and asked where I got it from!

Allie and Bird Tutu Review

My mummy made my fairy elfin headdress from an old head band, fake flowers and crafted baby deer horns out of plaster paris, she decorated them with gold acrylic paint.

We’d highly recommend Allie & Bird tutus, my dress stayed poofy all day, was light and easy to sit down in, soft and great value for money. These dresses would be perfect for birthdays, fancy dress (they do cute Halloween ones) special occasions like cake smashes and photoshoots. My mummy just wished they did adults sizes!

Keep up to date with new designs on their facebook page and website. Prices are really reasonable and start from around £20 for a dress 🙂

Love Bella xx

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.Family Fever


24 thoughts on “Allie and Bird Tutu Review

  1. this tutu is perfect!! my little girl would love one of these. I really like that you can personalise it with a name

  2. Oh I love this dress, I’m going to check them out as my god daughters would love them! My own daughter would love it too but they might not do her size, so I shall see while I’m on there. I love that it’s personalised too xx

  3. This is gorgeous. We would love something like this for Sylvia. I love that it had a personalised name too! 🙂 Angela #FunkyKidFriday

  4. Oh my goodness, that dress is beautiful! I love little tutu dresses.. I wonder if I can convince little London to wear one 😉

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