Wiggly worms and slimy slugs

Planting in our garden

Dear mummy, the weather has been glorious recently and we’ve taken full advantage of it spending every hour of sunlight in our garden. It was like a jungle when we first stepped foot outside last week. After weeding, mowing the lawn … Continue reading

Budding gardeners!

Budding gardeners!

Planting seedsDear Mummy, a couple of weeks back we planted some seeds in pots and have been watching their progress everyday since…and we’re amazed at the results so far.

See my mummy is a plant killer. She’s not green fingered at all! So imagine our delight as these little seedlings started to sprout in their little pots and resemble plants! Woweee mummy! Good job! Well it does help to talk to them too. You see every evening, just before my bedtime, I stand on the sofa and lean over to the window sill and chatter to them. They never answer back though, so the conversation is always one-sided!

Planting Sunflowers

Here’s some photo’s of me planting them 4 weeks ago and how they are coming on now. We planted Sunflowers and Sweet Pea, some of our favourite flowers. The Sweet Pea are scented too! My mummy remembers having Sweet Pea in her childhood garden all those years back, she remembers smelling them and looking at all the different colours and varieties.

Planting Sunflowers

These are the sort of memories she’d like me to have too. So once they are big and strong we are going to plant them in our garden. Some in flower beds and others in pots. If you have any tips to help our Sweet Pea and Sunflowers to grow then please let us know, as we’re no budding gardeners (excuse the pun!)

Stay posted for our next update of ‘Seed Watch’ in a couple of months. Eek. I hope my mummy doesn’t kill them before then.

Love Bella x

Sweet Pea Shoots

Sunflower Shoots