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The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (2015)

The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs) 2015

Dear mummy, it’s that time of year again! Awards season. We’ve had the Oscars and The Brits but this one is a bit closer to home. You see it’s time for the BiBs2015.

So what is it exactly? Well for all my non-blogging friends it’s the ‘Brilliance in Blogging Awards’ hosted by BritMums to celebrate and recognise the most creative and compelling parent and lifestyle blogs around today. We’ve only been blogging for a year, so we’re all fairly new to this crazed voting. Social Media is alive with the buzz of the #BiBs2015.

We don’t profess to be the best bloggers in the world, far from it – but we are different (slightly strange) and hopefully this is why we will stand out.


It’s not everyday that you get a small child blogging her way through life.

Yes, my spelling is atrocious and my grammar is appalling but my mummy proofreads my ramblings while I’m in bed asleep. She’s not the best proofreader though, being slightly dyslexic and finds the words just tumble onto the page like a bit of a mind dump. But she enjoys it and this is why we blog together.Funny parenting blogs

We share our adventures on this little online diary, our highs and sometimes our lows as a family. Anything that we see or experience we share through honest reviews and along the way we make recommendations through wish-lists and top picks. We’re active on social media and love joining in with #somum make dates on Twitter.

I like to think I’m humorous and I love to make people laugh. So if you like our light-hearted take on life and enjoy our blog please vote for us in the ‘Fresh Voice’ category of this year’s BiBs2015.


To vote for little ol’ me just swing over to the BritMums Nomination Form

We’ve picked our favourites…have you?

Love Bella x

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My week in pictures #8

My week in pictures #8

Dear mummy, I’ve linked up with makedoandoush for her weekly #TWTWC (The week that was captured) linky. It’s been another fun filled week. I visited Marwell Wildlife for their #SunsetParty, took my Daddy shopping for Fathers Day at the impressive Bluewater Shopping Centre. Went to a village fete and had ice cream and watched a thunderstorm while my mummy helped with The Isle Of Wight Festival Set-up. Join me next week to hear about our holiday adventure in Gibraltar 🙂

Bella x


#TWTWC 9 1

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Blog your heart out.

Blog your heart out.

Wednesday February 19, 2014.

Dear mummy, on Monday 17th The Swan Project tagged me to “blog my heart out”. I had to answer 5 questions and then tag five other bloggers to do the same. *I’m gonna have to think about who I tag next* so keep posted!

Question 1. Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?

My mummy and I kinda fell into it, we had never read any blogs or shared our adventures with anyone. My mummy has been filling in a diary since I was born, but one day she had an accident and hurt her hand and couldn’t write properly and found it easier to touch type to write my daily journals. We are not professional writers (you can probably tell by my spelling and awful grammar) but it was an easy and convenient way of her and me sharing my stories with loved ones and the people who helped create our memories.

Question 2. How did you choose what topic to blog about?

This ones easy peasy! It’s all about me and my travels and people I meet along the way. It’s my blog typed in my own hand. I mainly work in the evenings from my cot, as I can concentrate and mummy can’t see. (I often use her phone or iPad as she leaves them lying around) the blue screen fills my room up. My mummy thinks I’m sleeping, but secretly I’m planning to take over the world. Occasionally I get my mummy to check over a couple of things but other than that it’s all mine.

Question 3. What is something most people don’t know about you.

I’ve only been on Twitter 7 weeks and blogging 5 weeks. So I am fairly new to all this ‘Book of Face’ ‘Blue Bird Thingy’ ‘Press of Word’ and ‘Interest of the Pin’ ….the latter sounding quite dangerous!!!

Question 4. What three words describe your style?

Naive, amateur but innocent. Ask me in a couple of years and I will be a seasoned professional! 😉

Question 5. What do you love to do when you are not blogging.

Playing with Turtle and getting out and about on family days 🙂 Chasing the cat around and pressing my face against the windows.

Bella. Xx

So, who’s next…..apologies if you have already done this x 😉

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