Our new blog design!

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true. 

Judy Garland

Dear mummy, you made the brave leap to change your blog design last week. After 18 months with the same free theme ‘Pachyderm’ and generic header you thought it was time for a change. Especially when you noticed other mummy bloggers using it!

We went to the bloggers ‘illustrator of choice’ Helen at Ellie Illustrates who is in such high demand that there is a waiting list for her services. We waited 6 weeks to get a slot. We wanted something that was personalised to us and loved her drawing style.

There were a couple of elements we wanted included in our blog design:

Rainbow quote

Rainbow: After my mummy’s post ‘the colours of my life’ we realised that a rainbow was the perfect backdrop. Songs like ‘over the rainbow’ rung true with my mummy.

This song means to dream big, beyond the rainbow, for all your troubles to be behind you. It’s a longing for happiness with a child like innocence. It describes a perfect world from a child’s point of view using images like rainbows, blue birds, lemon drops, lullaby. It may seem like a fairy tale but to a child everything is possible, dreams really do come true. If we all saw the world as children do, we would be more optimistic and hopeful.

Pot of Gold: Luck of the Irish (we have Irish roots) and striving to reach our goals, we’re always on the hunt for our little pot of gold.

Tagline: From Baby to Little Lady, this sums up our blog perfectly as we track Isabella’s journey from babyhood into adulthood. Jeeze – that’s a really long time!

From day to night: Our blog sometimes feels that it’s 24hrs! Often with us blogging, researching, chatting on social media way into the early hours!

Embellishments: Balloons, camera, teddy bears, shoes, sunglasses are some of my favourite items!

Blog design
We wanted something that reflected our family journey. My mummy sketched an idea and when our turn finally came we sent it to Helen to work her magic on. After 2 proofs she created something absolutely magical and that we are very proud to call our own.

Dear mummy blog design

Helen supplied all our social media banners, avatar and blog header and also gave us tips on the theme and CSS. The perfect blogging design toolkit.

Dear Mummy Blog Logo

We also got this superb family portrait to capture our little family, based on photos we supplied to Helen, I hope you agree that she did a great job illustrating us!

Dear mummy blog family


If you are looking for a blog refresh then we would definitely recommend Helen at Ellie Illustrates, she was super professional and really speedy with her turnarounds, but be quick she is really popular!

Love Bella, her Mummy Dawn and Daddy Alex x

Mami 2 Five

29 thoughts on “Our new blog design!

    1. Thanks, it’s getting there x baby steps….next big step will be going self hosted at the end of the year so we can get plugins like CommentLuv etc.. Just for now we’re going to see how the blog pans out x

  1. Oh she is absolutely talented! We had our blog design created by Helen too and I get so many compliments. Well done Helen on another cracking design!

  2. Lovely design! It makes the blog so much more special that it has been personalised for you and including some things that mean something to you. Lots of luck as you continue to develop your blog and thank you for linking up to #SundayStars

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