Memories from my mummy – July & August 2015


Dear mummy, we started this blog as an online diary, a way to record me growing up. So far we have shared our adventures and things we love (or hate) through reviews but we haven’t really captured the ‘little’ moments … Continue reading

10 Things I Love / Hate

10 things I love and hate by a toddler

The Love/Hate Blogger Challenge I was nominated for the Love/Hate Blogger challenge by the lovely parenting blog Mudpie Fridays. The challenge is to simple – write 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Here are mine from the … Continue reading

Survive a heatwave with a toddler

Survive the heatwave

Survive a heatwave with a toddler My mummy hates the heat. She’s born for the cold and the winter. So when she found out we were due a heatwave this week she decided to try to make the best of … Continue reading