Memories from my mummy – July & August 2015

Dear mummy, we started this blog as an online diary, a way to record me growing up. So far we have shared our adventures and things we love (or hate) through reviews but we haven’t really captured the ‘little’ moments – the things that are easily forgotten or eclipsed by bigger moments.

In this series of posts titled ‘memories from my mummy’ my folks are going to write about all the cool things I do and say, my mini milestones. Hopefully in years to come I can look back on these ramblings from my mummy and daddy and make sense of them!

July 2015 ( Isabella is 27 months )

Bella is singing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ endlessly – she loves THAT song. Sometimes it turns into a mixture of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ too. She’s still running around in circles singing ‘Let it gooooo’ and loves Frozen. Her obsession with Princesses is now leading her to watch ‘Princess Sofia’ and ‘Barbie Princess’ DVD’s and she loves wearing a tiara around the house! We’ve created a Diva!

She’s into her role-playing and loves dressing up and administering medicine to whoever needs it. She’s still climbing to get onto chairs but once she’s up she can sit for long periods of time, crafting or baking which is good. She still manages to trip over her own feet when she runs and sometimes its like her head is travelling faster than her little feet.

She’s mesmerised by bugs and small creatures. Not so fond of anything bigger than her! Doesn’t like the hoover sound and hates being chased by her imaginary Lion?!?

She’s still napping during the day usually in the morning and can sleep for up to two hours, which gives mummy and daddy a chance to catch up on jobs. Sometimes she sleeps in the car which allows us to go further afield to Festivals and day long events. She still sucks her thumb when she’s tired but also has started to tell us when she’s ” a bit tired mummy”. It’s great to finally be able to communicate to her through the spoken word and sign. Sometimes when she’s not to clear and jumbles up her words she actions to what she wants or needs.

She’s had another middle ear infection after a summer cold and can’t seem to shift it so we think we’re going to be referred to the ET specialist soon. Hopefully these persistent ear infections haven’t effected her hearing or speech development.

Bella can now recite her ABC’s up to ‘J’ which we think is quite impressive. She’s understanding numbers and counts on her hand. Whenever she sees lettering on a sign or in a book she starts singing ABC….

August 2015 ( Isabella is 28 months )

Thankfully her ear infection has cleared up.

Bella is has started to ask for back-rubs at night to help her get to sleep. She acts just like a little princess at times and can be very demanding! She’s now telling us when she would like to go for a wee-wee, and uses her potty on her own at home. At nursery she tells the staff that she needs to go to the loo as well which is encouraging. She’s still in training pants and we are nuturing her potty training.

She’s started to waltz, after watching Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, its fascinating to see her point her toes and rise and fall on her feet as she glides around the kitchen floor with baby in tow! We call her ‘Cinder-bella’.

She’s still in her cot with the bar up and has seemed to have forgotten that she can climb out  – however we need to seriously think of getting her into a toddler bed before Christmas.

She’s fascinated by watching adults cook and prepare food, moving her little wooden chair across to the kitchen units and trying to help prepare breakfast. She can butter bread and slice pears.

We had an awesome summer going to festivals and hanging out in the garden, the weather has been ok – but we’re looking forward to the autumn months and visiting some more National Trust locations.

This seems to be all for now I wondered what next month will hold in store?

Love Mummy and Daddy x

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One thought on “Memories from my mummy – July & August 2015

  1. Aw sounds like Isabella is growing up fast becoming a grown up little girl. It’s wonderful to watch children grow and document these simple memories that would otherwise be forgotten.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

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