Our weekend in pictures

Our weekend in pictures

21st March 2015

My weekend in picturesThis weekend we visited Beale Park in Reading and had such a good time exploring this new place with our friends. I enjoyed my first ice cream of the season too! We also managed to get in a bit of gardening and planted some Sunflowers and Sweetpea. I went swimming for the first time in ages! I’m usually scared of the water but on this trip I enjoyed splashing around in the kiddies area, playing on the small water slide and looking at my reflection in the water mirrors.

My weekend in pictures 1It got a bit hairy when daddy and mummy took me into the big pool and I lasted all of 30 seconds. It was freezing in the big pool! Not really like a hot bath like my parents had promised me. Stay tuned for next weeks snapshot adventures!

Love Bella x



My weekend in pictures

Dear mummy, last weekend was such a whirlwind and what better way to showcase it than through images! We’ve linked up for the first time with @snowingindoors (who knows a thing or two about photography) and @youbabymemummy for ‘Point and Click’. We love trying out new Linkys and it gives my mummy and I a great opportunity to virtually meet up and comment on other bloggers posts too 🙂

My weekend in pictures If you haven’t heard my mummy attended #Blogfest at the weekend in the big smoke. London always lends itself to photo opportunities and mummy wasn’t disappointed when she reached Kings Cross and saw this giant poppy! She took my turtle on an adventure and he loved the tube. She was overwhelmed by the response to her post about Blogfest and here are some of the photos which were taken during the day too.

She’s already used her #clearaplate in support of Project Sunlight and filtered through her Blogfest goodie bag which was amazing (she’s currently eating the chocolate while writing this post) My mummy has also reviewed her notes from Blogfest with the view to put into practice some of the wise tips shared on the day.

My weekend in pictures 1

Sunday was a complete contrast to the previous day, my mummy was no longer in the industrial capital but infact outdoors at The Vyne, National Trust, which is our home away from home and the best woodland playground a little kid like me could ask for.

My weekend in pictures 3

It’s our local haunt and we’ve been many times as it’s just down the road from us. We loved finding all the ‘fire’ leaves as my mummy likes to call them, the gorgeous red and burnt orange leaves which are scattered on our walk. They are so beautiful and we couldn’t resist taking photos of them.

My weekend in pictures 4

We’re at home in the outdoors as a family, it’s the one place where we are truly free, we love mud, puddles and mucking around and hope these photos capture that!

lots of love Bella x