Our weekend in pictures

Our weekend in pictures

21st March 2015

My weekend in picturesThis weekend we visited Beale Park in Reading and had such a good time exploring this new place with our friends. I enjoyed my first ice cream of the season too! We also managed to get in a bit of gardening and planted some Sunflowers and Sweetpea. I went swimming for the first time in ages! I’m usually scared of the water but on this trip I enjoyed splashing around in the kiddies area, playing on the small water slide and looking at my reflection in the water mirrors.

My weekend in pictures 1It got a bit hairy when daddy and mummy took me into the big pool and I lasted all of 30 seconds. It was freezing in the big pool! Not really like a hot bath like my parents had promised me. Stay tuned for next weeks snapshot adventures!

Love Bella x



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