My first trip to the big smoke!

Friday 31st May 2013.

Bella on TrainDear mummy, thank you for taking me to the big smoke to see Aunty S. I enjoyed my first trip on a choo choo train. I must admit I was brilliant today, mummy breastfed me on the train and I fell asleep on her lap, listening to the ‘clunk clunk, clunk cluck’ of the carriages and swaying movement.

Most of the commuters were friendly and helpful, but I don’t think my mummy could have done it on her own, so she took Grandma with her. It’s a bit daunting being a 4 month-old going into London, people pushing and shoving hurrying on their way to work. Good thing though, if mummy could take me on a Friday in rush hour, then that would give her the confidence to travel up there more often!

We walked across Waterloo bridge (well mummy and Grandma did) I was pushed in my buggy. I think mummy regretted not taking her pouchlings mei tai wrap, as I couldn’t see much at pavement level.

Covent GardenWe headed to Covent Garden and I dozed undershade, while listening to the gentle hustle and bustle of lunch time workers in the cafés. We had beautiful sunshine that day and mummy stopped to chill for a coffee. We headed to Carluccio’s for lunch and I terrorised the waiter and sat on mummy’s lap picking food off her plate (well trying too!). Afterwards I had my first lick of Ice Cream at this great little place called Patisserie Valerie and it was green ice cream! (mummy later told me it was something called ‘pistachio’??)

My first ice cream I was pushed to Trafalgar Square to see all the pigeons and lions, the pigeons were pooing on the lions, I don’t think they would be very happy with them!

I had an ‘open-air’ nappy change in Hyde Park which was quite liberating!!

All of us had a great day in London and are now frequent visitors to the big city

Bella x

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