I love my turtle

Turtle on head

Dear mummy, I have a very special relationship to this soft creature. His name is turtle and I remember him always being there right from the start.

I take him everywhere with me, he’s like a pet, a best friend, someone to gurgle too. In the beginning I watched him from afar, while I was in my bouncer I could see him hanging from the sky, when I was on my playmat he was dangled in front of me. He was my source of entertainment, when I was sad he would make me smile.

Staring at turtleDays and weeks went by and still, my turtle, my little buddy was out of reach. I would stare at him for hours and try and figure out a way to grasp him in my hands.

Then one sunny day, I decided to do something about it. I would make him mine and claim him as my prize. I remember that day perfectly. My mummy had decided to take us for a walk in the sunshine. It was the 8th April and I was 8 weeks old, she had taken me to the park to sit in the sun and read her book while I dozed in my pushchair. Little did she know that today would be the day that it all changed.

First contact with turtle

I decided enough was enough, I slowly extended my fingers to stroke his crumply body and little ribbon legs. This was FIRST CONTACT!!!! A smile spread across my face and I made a squeal to signify my triumph to mummy. Ever since then we’ve been inseparable. As you can see from my blog, Turtle is everywhere 🙂



Turtle and ribbon


Buying turtle

Turtle makes me smile

Isabella shoe shopping

Isabella and turtle

Turtle on playmat

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