My Desert Island Tracks

Desert Island Discs Dear Mummy, yesterday I was tagged in Zena’s Suitcase blog. The challenge was to come up with 8 tracks that I, a one-year old, would like to listen to. Hold your horses this is gonna be a wild one based on what my mummy listens too with a bit of Baby TV music added in!

No.1. Rob Dougan. Clubbed to Death. My mummy and daddy’s first dance song at their wedding.

No.2. Killswitch Engage. End of Heartache. My mummy listens to this a lot.

No.3. Pharell Wiliams. HAPPY. Because this track cheers me up and I also like bananas.

No.4. Paul Van Dyke. For an Angel. Because I believe in angels.

No.5. Massive Attack. Teardrop. This track reminds me of when I was in my Mummy’s tummy and makes me feel close to her.

No.6. Micheal Jackson. Man in the Mirror. One of the best songs by the king of pop, a man before my time who is a legend.

No.7. London Grammar. Strong. A beautiful haunting song reminds me of my first year.

No.8. Burial. Archangel. The gritty sound of an inner city reminds me of my Aunty who lives in London.

I also like the Numbers Song from Baby TV and the Birthday Song, it goes something like this…. “it’s today your special day, it’s today your special day, I’m so happy, happy happy….” You get the jist.

Love Bella x P.s let’s hope none of you get stuck on a Desert Island with me, you’ll go mad!!

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