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My First House Party – Blissfields Review 2016

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Baby Isabella is going to Blissfields!

Baby Isabella is going to Blissfields 2015!

Excited about Blissfields

Dear mummy, Blissfields is the nearest music festival to us in Hampshire and is only 3 weeks away. eeeek! We’ve never been to Blissfields before and have tickets to this highly acclaimed music festival. It draws in crowds from all over the country. Not like the smaller kids festivals we’re used to going to.

We’re super excited and this is why!

1) Weather: It never rains at Blissfields! Well, if the Radio Times says so then it must be true! We’re hoping for sun on the 3rd & 4th of July.

Radio Times Blissfields Quote

© 2015 Copyright Blissfields

2) The Location: Blissfields is a 2-day event (Fri & Sat), with the added bonus of evening entertainment on the Thursday too. We’re looking forward to getting back to nature and sleeping underneath the stars! It’s local to us (only 4 miles away) so we have the added bonus of not travelling very far either. It’s easily reachable from the M3 and less than an hour’s drive from London. It’s set in lovely countryside with beautiful views. My daddy can’t wait to dust off the tent and get packing!

3) Razzle Dazzle: Mummy, when was the last time your eyes popped out of your head? I’m only a toddler but am really looking forward to all the children’s entertainment throughout the festival weekend. I’m ready to be awed and amazed. My folks are ready to have some peace and quite while I’m being razzled dazzle by all Blissfields has to offer. We caught up with Blissfields Angel, Sam, to see what’s on offer for children, read the interview here.

4) Diversity: It’s not just for families. Far from it we would say! It’s tailored for music lovers, adventure seekers, hippy chicks and avid festival goers. The pure mixture of people is going to be awesome to see, we’ve heard it’s one of the friendliest festivals around.

5) The Theme: We’re massive fans of Back to the Future, so the Somewhere in Time time travel theme this year couldn’t be more appropriate for our family…now what to dress up as? The Time Lord or Marty McFly?

Blissfields 2015

© 2015 Copyright Blissfields

5) The Quirkiness: After dark, my mummy and daddy can’t wait to explore the ‘behind the hedge’ area of Blissfields. It sounds dodgy but rest assured I’ve been told it contains a world of possibilities ranging from Burlesque shows, art installations, quirky hangouts and nightspots. They are ready to be amazed!

6) The Line-up: My mummy is really looking forward to seeing Ghostpoet, ever since she heard him on Zane Lowe’s evening show back in 2013 she fell in love with his lyrics. My folks are also massive fans of The Horrors so will be eager to see them perform.

7) The Extras: No festival would be complete without having the choice for an upgrade! Fancy a posh wash of a hot tub experience mummy? Sounds great, now where do I sign up!

8) The Atmosphere: We love the fact that Blissfields can be whatever you want it to be! The crazy adrenaline rush of being at the front of the main stage seeing your favourite band or discovering others. Or enjoying a beer and chatting to friends back at the campsite. Having a night out on the tiles in the disco with the girls or sunbathing in a field with the gentle sound of music wafting past. We’re looking forward to submerging ourselves in craft activities and games with the children. Either way the atmosphere will be amazing as we are all sharing a happy weekend with other festival goers. We can’t wait to be a part of it.

9) The Mementos: We love making stuff and collecting things. People that have been round our house see that it’s filled with clutter…*cough* I mean beautiful knick knacks. Mementos of days out, artwork created, photos – anything to remind ourselves of certain experiences shared. Visiting Blissfields will be no different. I’m sure we will be bringing something back to remind us of our time spent here, along with the pictures in our heads.

10) Relaxing: The chance to let your hair down (even with the kiddie winks) to enjoy the fresh air, the stillness of sitting in a field with a beer in your hand watching your children play…sounds like bliss!

There are still Day Tickets left for Blissfields 2015, so what are you waiting for? Why not come down for the day and enjoy some family fun, great live music and quirky night-time entertainment.

See you on the other side of the hedge! I’ll be the one chilling in the beer gardens with a non-alcohol punch…well I am only 2 years old after all 😉

Love Bella x
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Digital Revolution at The Barbican, London

Digital Revolution at The Barbican, London

The BarbicanSomething slightly different on the blog today. Mummy visited the Digital Revolution exhibition at The Barbican in London last week. A greatly anticipated event which had been on my mummy’s radar for some time. It was listed on Time Outs 10 Top Things to do in London last week.

The Barbican is Europe’s largest multi-arts venue showcasing art, music, theatre, dance, film and supporting creative learning. It looks like a plush cinema when you enter and ‘creatives’ fill the foyer on their trendy laptops and smartphones, working and having meetings.

We’ve traded the outdoors for indoors as we explored all things digital. Digital Revolution brings together artists, film-makers, CGI specialists, game designers, musicians (such as and architects. Wow mummy! This exhibition looks really interesting, even for a non-geek like me! It’s an interactive show, so ‘do not touch’ doesn’t apply here! My kinda place!

Digital pets! Is this in our future?

The Petting Zoo at Digital RevolutionAs we walk into the Barbican we are greeted with a hub of activity, people are staring at something in the walkway near the entrance to the exhibition and ticket desk. On first glance it looks like hanging celling lights with funky LED lights, but as we walk past it, it follows us. Ooooo spooky! We realise that this is actually part of the exhibition called the Petting Zoo by Minimaforms who are an architecture and design studio.

It’s three giant robotic pet snakes which have the ability to adapt to their environment, mimic and touch their audience. The robotic installation of artificial intelligent creatures are designed to learn and explore behaviours through interaction with the public. It seems very alien. They love the attention and mummy spends a great deal of time playing with theses giant snakes. They follow her hand and shy away as she plays peek-a-boo with them. I think, artificial intelligence? Surely this is the rise of Skynet?? I’m worried.

The curve at Digital RevolutionsAs we turn to gain entry to the exhibition, we hear a familiar voice walk past us, mummy looks and is starstruck….it’s none other than the most famous musician/male pop artist in the charts Wow! He looks just like he does in telly, my mummy thinks, grinning from ear to ear! He’s here to ensure his installation PYRAMIDI is running smoothly and to gauge public feedback on this opening day.

It’s further in the exhibition, so we make a note to visit it. He disappears into a lift with his mates and we, completely awestruck, head into the main exhibition. It’s very dark in here…….as we enter what as know as The Curve part of the Barbican, we are transformed into a world of large digital screens, the gentle humming from computer screens and lots of computer geeks playing on games consoles like PAC Man and Space Invaders. My mummy feels very nostalgic.

It’s like a computer museum, charting our digital past, cataloging early computers, digital artworks, video game cult classics and really old CGI footage.

However it has a computer expo feel about it and people are shuffling from one light box to another. It’s cramped and overwhelming, too much input Stephanie! We don’t spend long in the first part of The Curve.

Creative Spaces

Gravity filmmakingNext on the list is something that we really must see…it’s called Creative Spaces, a behind the scenes look at films like Gravity and Inception. We are immersed in large screens taking us through the visual effects from Oscar Award winners Tim Webber at Framestone and Paul Franklin at Double Negative. We watch how they use different techniques from CGI and filming rigs to light boxes and robotic cameras to make these blockbuster movies.

Music makes the world go round

We move forward in the exhibition and suddenly we are ushered through a red velvet curtain in to a small dark room.

We realise it’s to see’s installation PYRAMIDI. Music pumps through the speakers and the wall comes to life with an animated visual backdrop. This Sound & Vision part of the exhibition explores how emerging technologies have changed the way we experience music. PYRAMIDIHere you’ll find a 6ft tall 3D animated head of, created using projection mapping that follows you around the room, alongside three robot instruments performing his newly commissioned song ‘Dreamin’ About the Future’, it’s a collaborative project created with Yuri Suzuki.

In this section there is also interactive and computer generated music videos which you can watch and listen too.

I believe in angels

Next up is a showcase of electronic artists who are well-versed in computer code. Using their talents to translate boring code and numbers into something visually beautiful.

My mummy with wingsA stand out exhibit in the State of Play section was Chris Milk’s The Treachery of Sanctuary. My mummy’s always wanted to have wings…and in this interactive exhibit she gets the chance. Gesture control and camera technologies are used in this interactive shadow play piece of artwork.

My mummy stood infront of the white screens and was amazed how her arms transformed into wings. A bit like Kinect on the XBOX or Wii Sports.

But far more sophisticated and beautiful than that. My mummy loved it and it was spectacular to watch her shadow fly away up into the air.

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Spooky mirrorIn the next room a creepy mirror hung on the wall, like one you would find in a fairground House of Fun. It’s by Rafael Loranzo-Hemmer called The Year’s Midnight. My mummy had fun playing around with this interactive mirror. A camera is positioned to one side and locks onto your face as you stand in front of your reflection.

It triggers an animation within the mirror (which is actually a cleverly disguised screen) and plumes of white smoke pours out of your eyes, it’s clever and we spend a great deal of time mucking around with it.

We also dance around in front of Daniel Rozin’s real-time sketchy Mirror No. 10 as our reflections are sketched in front of us, like a Photoshop filter.

Digital Revolution ticketsWe head downstairs after visiting the Indie Games Space, where mummy challenges her friends to some old fashioned platform games. She loses gracefully claiming she’s out of practice.

We then are plunged again into darkness as we walk into the unique three-dimensional light field where we manipulate and dance around beams of lasers and luminous forms.

It’s very intense with smoke machines and lots of lasers and feels like we’ve entered a laser quest game. I’m half expecting someone to come out with a laser pack/gun and zap us.

We’ve been in for nearly two hours! As we leave the Barbican the bright sunshine hurts our eyes, seems like we’ve been indoors all day and in a different world. This is just a brief overview of our experience at the exhibition, it’s definitely worth a visit and teenagers would love it! The Digital Revolution exhibition goes on until the 14th September 2014.

Bella x oh…and mummy.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Basingstoke Festival

Basingstoke World Party Day

Saturday June 28, 2014.

The Tea Bar PimmsDear mummy, it’s wet and rainy in Basingstoke today. We head out to enjoy a free party at Eastrop Park in Basingstoke called ‘World Party Day’. It’s part of the larger month-long event that Basingstoke Borough Council have laid on for the public known as Basingstoke Festival.

The festival is in it’s third year and runs from the 20th June to 13th July in and around the town.

This year includes the “Going to town” programme featuring street artists and performers. It includes free big public events such as World Party Day and Basingstoke Live and small scale arts exhibitions, workshops and artwork pop-up shops.

We pick up a programme from a local shop and see that there is a lot going on this weekend in the town centre so decide to head in and check it out.

Basingstoke Festival 1We park at Basingstoke’s Festival Place and walk through the shopping centre to the park. We can hear the rain battering on the high ceilings and decide wait a while indoors looking around the shops.

We stumble on a pop-up shop for local artists displaying street art and graphic design. As my mummy is a graphic designer we pop in and have a look at all the talented local artists. Sugar skulls and gothic artwork cover the walls. Daddy is impressed.

The prices of artwork are very reasonable for a one-off piece. So mummy decides to come back and purchase some street art when she gets paid 🙂

Ducks at Eastrop ParkThe rain isn’t as heavy now so we trundle outside towards the park, we can hear the beating of drums and Bollywood style music. It’s a shame the weather has put so many people off. It’s very miserable. Some of the stands and fairground rides have closed and it’s only 3pm! The event doesn’t close until 5:30 😦 I feel bad for all the performers.

World Party Day is intended to bring all cultures of Basingstoke together through dance, music, food and workshops, unfortunately not many people have turned up. We walk past some of the stands and the performers and stop a while to look, but the rain has started again so we retreat to cover.

We head to the food stalls and pick up some Chinese food and a cocktail from Basingstoke Tea Bar. My mummy treats herself to a Pimms and sits in the soggy tent, so much for the British summer!! World Party Day has a festival vibe about it and the music is loud and proud. We meet up with one of my little friends and her mummy for a quick natter and catch-up.

My mummy reflects on when we all went last year, when I was very small and the weather was beautiful. We had a picnic and as I was only 4 months old I would lie on my back and stare at the sky with my friend.

Cakes at Eastrop ParkNow I’m up and walking but there is no dancing for me! A flu bug is doing the rounds and I don’t feel very well. I sit in my buggy all lethargic, watching the rain and as soon as Daddy picks me up for a cuddle I puke on him! Pleasant! Lucky he’s wearing waterproofs and it can just be wiped off. Just like a real festival now my Mummy thinks!! Alcohol, music, mud, rain and puke.

After this incident we head home past all the street dancers (who were very good). We will be back next year, let just hope the weather is a bit better for Basingstoke Live (another large free event) next week.

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Bella x

My Desert Island Tracks

Desert Island Discs Dear Mummy, yesterday I was tagged in Zena’s Suitcase blog. The challenge was to come up with 8 tracks that I, a one-year old, would like to listen to. Hold your horses this is gonna be a wild one based on what my mummy listens too with a bit of Baby TV music added in!

No.1. Rob Dougan. Clubbed to Death. My mummy and daddy’s first dance song at their wedding.

No.2. Killswitch Engage. End of Heartache. My mummy listens to this a lot.

No.3. Pharell Wiliams. HAPPY. Because this track cheers me up and I also like bananas.

No.4. Paul Van Dyke. For an Angel. Because I believe in angels.

No.5. Massive Attack. Teardrop. This track reminds me of when I was in my Mummy’s tummy and makes me feel close to her.

No.6. Micheal Jackson. Man in the Mirror. One of the best songs by the king of pop, a man before my time who is a legend.

No.7. London Grammar. Strong. A beautiful haunting song reminds me of my first year.

No.8. Burial. Archangel. The gritty sound of an inner city reminds me of my Aunty who lives in London.

I also like the Numbers Song from Baby TV and the Birthday Song, it goes something like this…. “it’s today your special day, it’s today your special day, I’m so happy, happy happy….” You get the jist.

Love Bella x P.s let’s hope none of you get stuck on a Desert Island with me, you’ll go mad!!