These are a few of my favourite things…

Dear mummy, for those that don’t know me very well, I thought I would list some of my favourite things. Stuff that helps to raise a smile when I’m feeling grotty and snotty.


My turtle

My favourite Lamaze toy that I’ve had since birth, he never fails to make me chuckle. He helps with my teething and I love to chew on the little knots on his four legs. Once one gets saturated I move onto the next….tasty! I like crumpling his colourful body and trying to get his round face into my mouth. How can you not love him?! He’s zesty green and sometimes I stare into his googly eyes for ages. Mummy ties him to her rucksack when we go off on our adventures, so he’s always close by. *Don’t tell mummy* but I know there are two of him….Yes Two!!! I’ve seen her put him in the washing machine and then all of a sudden he appears in my ballpit!! Spooky eh?



I lurrrrrve peaches! Ever since mummy started weaning me I have had a taste for them. She started with a mixture of baby-lead weaning and spoon feeding, but I loved to pick up peaches in my hands and suck the life out of them. Sometimes getting juice everywhere and poking them with my fingers. I have recently taken to stabbing them with spoons, watching the juice spill out onto the tray and mixing it with banana and Wotsits….yummy.  Nothing beats a big round squishy peach, well apart from strips of red pepper, I like chewing on them and they make a great teether. Red pepper sticks also taste great straight out of the fridge as they are cold on my sore gums.


Green ball

Large or small, shiny or rubbery I love round balls. We have a ballpit in our front room (lucky I know!) and I enjoy diving into it, throwing the balls around over my head. Gumming balls is one of my favourite past times. I also like floating round balls called balloons. My favourite ball is this soft rubbery spike ball from ‘Tiger’, it stretches and makes funny noises when it pings back into place. It’s soft to the touch and feels kinda funny and at £2 this ball is a great sensory toy.

Grandma Puppet

Crazy Grandma Puppet

Grandma bought this puppet for me when I was 5 months old on our 1st trip to Donegal, Ireland. We went to see family and Grandma thought it would be a good reminder of our crazy Irish relatives. It always makes me laugh…especially when daddy tickles me with it. Grandma puppet also has a squeaker in its mouth which never fails to amuse me.

Squeaky Cow

Squeaky Cow

Every night, mummy and daddy play ‘squeak the cow’ (I know- it should really be a mouse!) anyway, they chase me up the stairs playing peek-a-boo through the banisters and behind bedroom doors, it always ensures I go to bed with giggles and smiles. Best to end the day in a high. The cow has no real origins, all we know is that it came from a friends 1st birthday party bag. Mystery…

Sucking my thumb

This only started when I was 6 months old (strangely enough when mummy finished breast feeding me and went back to work), as mummy didn’t give me a dummy I found my thumb while sleeping in my cot. Mummy was glad that I suddenly self soothed myself but sad that she stopped breast feeding and went back to work. Nowadays I suck my thumb when I’m tired or in pain, making noises that sound like a trumpet. Sometimes I frantically suck it almost eating my whole hand and mummy gets worried. If I didn’t suck my thumb I would suck peoples noses.

Its time for bedtime now, so I have to go. Land of nod is calling me. Stay posted for more things that I like!

Bella x

3 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things…

  1. Awe bless those are some great favorite things. I love the photos and man look at those beautiful blue eyes! WOW Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Such a sweet post. #sharewithme

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