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Getting my pamper on!

Getting my pamper on.

We ain’t talking about nappies!

Lala & Bea set

Lala & Bea Skincare products

An interesting package arrived through the post for us over the Easter Weekend and it wasn’t an Easter Egg! In fact it was much better than that.

My own spa package! I maybe only 2 years old but it’s worth paying attention to ones skin! 😉

A lovely selection of children’s products from the fab Lala & Bea have been sent through for us to review.

Lala & Bea Nourishing Balm

Lala & Bea Organic Nourishing Balm

It includes an Organic Nourish Balm, which comes in a handy travel size tin. My mummy has a balm and I see her use it on herself from time to time, but now I have my own.

You see it’s been specially formulated for children using the best of everything! Free from synthetically produced parabens (that’s a chemical filler that stops bacteria growing in cosmetics to me and you) and using only natural ingredients like Rosehip seed oil which helps sooth and soften skin.

Lala&Bea balm

Lovely balm

I’ve used it on my bottom and tops of my arms as they get itchy and sore. It puts a smile on my face and it smells heavenly! Even my mummy nabbed it for her flaky elbows and chapped lips urgh! I saw her admiring her appearance in the mirror yesterday!

I next clapped eyes on the Organic Nourishing Oil, a calming and relaxing massage oil. But before I know it mummy’s snatched it from my grip “Yes!” My mummy shouts, one for her! This is the only adult only product in Lala & Bea’s range as it contains aromatherapy oils which are perfect for adults but too strong for babies. It also contains Rosehip Seed Oil, Oat Oil and Vitamin E. My mummy is going to get daddy to rub it into her shoulder tonight because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Ooer I say! 😉 it also smells very ‘spa-like’ a lovely little treat for my mummy.

Lala & Bea Baby Oil

Lala & Bea Organic Baby Oil

I too have my own Baby Massage & Bath Oil. O.M.Gosh the loveliest smelling product out of the lot! If we could put a scratch and sniff into this post we would. Trust us. Amazing smell. My mummy runs it under hot running water for my ‘spa’ bath. It is naturally hypoallergenic and contains a whole host of antioxidants. It’s Very luxurious! The Baby Massage & Bath Oil also contains Roman Camomile oil, Jojoba plant extracts, Vitamins A,D and E. All these wonderful oils help with softening my skin, moisturising it and making me feel very relaxed and…..sleepy. A perfect bath before bed. The smell wafting up from the hot bath water also makes daddy relaxed and calm, great for a stress free bedtime routine.

Magic sleep spray

Magic sleep spray

Last but not least, finishing our wonderful ‘spa-like’ treatments with Lala&Bea, the whole family has a spritz of the ‘Sleep Tight Pillow Spray’. Not just for us babies you see, my mummy suggests that daddy sprays it onto his pillow too. You see he hasn’t been sleeping that well and because this contains Lavender and Ylang Ylang it helps to induce a sleep like coma (well his Vodka and Coke probably helped as well 😉 joking aside the smell from the sheets is VERY relaxing.

A lot of products here from the Lala&Bea range and what we’re most impressed with is their attitude. Their philosophy is great and we’re also firm believers in trying to source products that are made in the UK, helping to support local businesses and cutting down environmental impact. The design and pakageing is simple but eye catching as they let their products do the talking and we are listening….if we can keep our eyes open long enough not to……Zzzzzzzz.

Baby Spa

Rubbing my lotions and potions on!

If you want to feel relaxed and use top quality skincare for babies and adults then this is the place for you. Yes the prices are expensive but you get what you pay for and who doesn’t deserve a little treat once in a while.
Go on give yourself a spa treatment at home today! All you need is someone willing to rub your back!

Love Bella x

Family Fever

Melissa and Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

Melissa and Doug – Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

Dear Mummy, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and we’re slowly working our way through opening my presents and trying out all my new toys. My mummy wants to do it in stages as not to overload my senses with all these new toys!

Melissa and Doug stacking blocksToday we are playing with these colourful cardboard stacking blocks from Melissa and Doug. They come nestled in a A4-ish square box with a red rope handle.

All the stacking blocks fit inside each other and we have fun pulling them all out, more and more keep appearing which makes me giggle. It’s a really great idea that the hollow blocks can be nested inside each other and it makes it easier to store.

Melissa and Doug are renown for making beautiful bright toys for children. They are an American brand founded by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in their basement in 1988. They can be found online at Tescos and through discount outlets like Achica, Zulily and Amazon. They are a very quirky and fashionable brand too. Melissa and Doug make a wide range of toys like dolls houses, wooden toys, toys for special needs, pretend play toys and baby and toddler toys.

Melissa and Doug stacking blocks 1The Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks have cute cartoon animals on the sides. There are 10 cardboard blocks and when stacked they form a tower nearly 3ft high! That’s nearly as big as me!!! I love the bright colours and laminated shiny finish of the printed cardboard.

They are super lightweight too as they aren’t like big heavy wooden blocks that you usual get.

I can build them up and knock them down really easily without hurting myself too which is reassuring for my mummy. Even though they are square blocks the corners aren’t sharp due to the soften cardboard. You would think the cardboard is flimsy but it’s very durable because it’s laminated.

Melissa and Doug stacking blocks 2The recommended age is 2+ years but we think younger children could also play with them just as long as they aren’t gnawing on them!

They are great for family time, when you are stuck indoors. Mummy and I spend a good 20 minutes playing with them before I lose interest.

It’s one toy I will always revisit though, which is good. The patterns on the top of the blocks are fun too. I love the star motif and the trippy squares inside squares.

Melissa and Doug stacking blocks 3My favourite characters are the dinosaur and the turtle and I point at them and squeal in delight!

A great fun and educational toy for children. Toy blocks are great to help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I also love to solve a problem by fitting the right blocks back into the nesting compartment when we tidy up.

Well done Melissa and Doug. It’s a super transportable way to learn your ABC’s! They range from £7.99 to £12.99 on most websites and well worth the money 🙂

Love Bella xx

Family Fever

My mummy’s sparkly nails

My mummy’s sparkly nails!

Dear mummy, wow! Look at your nails!? Jeeze…you NEVER do your nails. Mainly because you NEVER get the time to sit down and do them.

However you’ve been so impressed with one of your Christmas stocking presents that you have started to make an effort with your nails.

Glitter nails may not be to everyone’s taste but my mummy loves purple and anything that sparkles.

Like me she’s a bit of a magpie.

W7 Nail Bling kitShe trying out the W7 Nail Bling Kit in Purple which you can find online at £5.95 from Amazon, eBay and other independent cosmetic resellers. It comes with one dark purple nail varnish and two little pots of glitter. It’s like crafting and messy play for the nails I think, but I’m not allowed to get involved while mummy hides herself away in the bathroom and I watch telly with daddy.

It doesn’t take her long, 5 minutes later she’s out showing them off.

The process is simple, just paint your nails and dip them in the little pots of glitter. There’s a fine purple dust and larger ‘mirror’ glitter to choose from. My mummy uses both! Her nails are overloaded with colour and not very neat (super quick though!) and I think they look fab and love the way the light reflects off them.

W7 Nail Bling Purple VarnishAt only £5.95 for the nail bling kit it’s a real bargain and worth the money. You can actually buy them cheaper online if you hunt around! My mummy’s used the kit 5 times and it still keeps going.

A great bit of fashion fun, keep an eye out for this W7 brand. The glittery nails lasted 5 days too! They come off really easily as you tend to find the glitter flakes off after a couple of wears leaving the deep purple nail varnish underneath. Ordinary nail varnish remover worked well on the remaining colour.

Who needs an expensive nail bar eh? 😉 Super impressed, a quick fix for scrummy mummies.

Bella x

Family Fever