Mothers Day at Clandon House

Mothers Day at Clandon Park.

Sunday March 30, 2014

Dear Mummy, I’m still not feeling 100% after picking up a cold at nursery during the week. My nose is crusty and my eyes are gunky but I put on a brave face as it is YOUR day today. It’s Mothers Day and daddy has told me to be good.

You’ve planned this trip for ages and the weather is beautiful so we pack a picnic and head to this National Trust attraction near Guildford.


It is very busy when we get there and daddy struggles to find a car parking space, must be something to do with the weather and the fact that it’s Mother’s Day. Loads of families have their ‘Sunday Best’ on and generations of mothers are followed by grandchildren. It really is a family affair today. We finally find a car parking space and head into the visitors centre. The staff are friendly and give us a map as we’ve never been here before.

Clandon House

On entrance to Clandon Park we past a beautiful meadow full of daffodils. I can’t resist to have a wander through them. Other little people are running around in them too, with proud mummies and daddies taking photographs. This is the height of the Daffodil season here.

Opposite the meadow we see the main house, it’s very impressive.

It is still quiet in the grounds so we decided to walk round and grab a pitch for our picnic blanket. There are many attractions at Clandon Park, the beautiful Dutch Garden was one of them with spring flowers sprouting. On the walk to the house we past Lime Avenue on a pathway to the local village church. We also spot an old Hinemihi – unique Maori meeting house brought back from New Zealand in 1892 and it is the only one in the UK. Unfortunately it is closed, so all we can do is look through the windows.

The National Trust had also put on activities for the children Mothers Day, such as pony rides and crafting.


I was a bit too young for the pony rides, but mummy took me crafting on the first floor of the house. We made some bunting with the word ‘LOVE’ on it.

The main house is very grand with cabinets full of trinkets that I wanted to touch.  A huge collection of porcelain and 18th-century furniture, mummy wanted to take photos to show you all but wasn’t allowed. The National Trust operate a strict no-photography rule in the house. The Marble Hall is amazing and a typical example of Venetian architecture. The house was built in the 1720’s….WOW mummy that IS old! And it has been past down through generations of the famous Onslow Family.

We didn’t stay long at Clandon Park due to how busy it was in the house and the awful traffic around Guildford, but our next visit we will be back midweek when it is quieter. I know mummy would love to spend more time looking at the Porcelain collection of little dolls and figures. Overall a great afternoon spent at a new #specialplace.

We will be back

Bella x

p.s Shortly after this visit we were contacted by the National Trust and asked to fill in a survey about our experience at Clandon Park and what they could do to improve our experience – now that’s customer service!


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