My Easter Bonnet Madness

My Easter Bonnet Madness.

Dear mummy, as it’s nearly Easter I’ve decided I want to make an Easter Bonnet in true traditional fashion (well kinda)

I need your help! As I’m still so small I can’t really partake in today’s activity. I need adult hands to use scissors and glue. I, for the time being, shall just watch from my highchair as you work your magic on creating me a masterpiece. It is your first attempt at making an Easter Bonnet hat, so I’ll go easy on you if it looks a bit dodgy.

Easter bonnet making 1

Firstly, you find a plain pink straw hat from Sainsbury’s. It’s a real steal at £1. Which leaves good pocket money to buy embellishments as well. Sainsbury’s have a pack of six fluffy yellow chicks for £2 and nests for £1.50. We scurry home with our bargains and eagerly crack open our PVA glue and mummy’s craft box.

Easter Bonnet making 2

Mummy has great craft bits and bobs that she’s accumulated over the years….ribbons, gems, bows and felt. It’s like a gold mine and I can’t wait until I’m old enough to dive into it on my own. Mummy starts off with stitching the ribbon band to the hat and gluing the gems to the brim. She then adds the fake flowers and little yellow chicks. I’m starting to get restless watching mummy make my hat, so she quickly finishes it and plonks it on my head.

Easter a bonnet making 3

It’s a bit big! Hopefully I will grow into it. It’s not over decorated like some of the versions I’ve seen but hopefully we will have many more years of creating bigger and better creations.

I hope you like it

Bella x

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2 thoughts on “My Easter Bonnet Madness

  1. Aww this is fab! Lovely easter bonnet and I particularly love the knitted chick! I think I’d like to dive into your mummy’s craft box too, sounds fun 🙂 You look gorgeous in the bonnet too, even if it is slightly big for you 🙂 thanks so much for linking with #creativechallenge ! xx

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