Spring at Mottisfont via Freeheelin’

Spring at Mottisfont via Freeheelin’

Friday, April 4, 2014.

Mottisfont HouseDear mummy, a couple of your friends have been to see the Lichfield Exhibition at The National Trust’s Mottisfont Estate and have recommended it to you so we decided to go. The weather is dry but overcast and we seem to be running away from the rain as we head to Stockbridge in Hampshire.

Our first stop on the way is a little designer shop called Freeheelin’, it’s located in a converted barn on a farm about 2 minutes down a small country lane from Stockbridge, Hampshire. It’s very easy to get to and they have loads of parking. As we pull up mummy can hear a cockerel crowing and it’s very tranquil. The shop is warm and inviting and Natasha greets us with a big smile and a cheery hello. The place is filled full of children’s treasure, pretty shoes from infant to child sizes, beautiful clothes such as Bonnie Baby and loads of colourful toys. Mummy spots a unicorn rucksack that she wants but unfortunately they don’t do it in adult sizes.

My new Shoes ECCOThe main purpose for the visit was to get me some sensible booties, as my Start-Rite Mary Janes are far too pretty to wear in the mud. I also needed to get measured as it’s been 6-8 weeks since my last fitting. I’m too small for wellies and I also want something trendy to support my ankles. I love pink and shiny things and am drawn to bright colours, so it was no surprise that when store owner Natasha selected 3 boots, mummy and I decided to go for the ECCO silver ones with neon pink laces. Very fashion forward, they go perfectly with my mint green star skinny jeans from BABY GAP and funky knitted pastel cardi from BONNIE BABY.

imageWe wave goodbye to Natasha at Freeheelin and head on our merry way to Mottisfont. It’s nice and quiet at Mottisfont today as it’s a Friday. We stroll around the Winter Garden on our own and watch the ducks paddle down the river walk. I’m so tired that I go for a nap, mummy’s affronted as she’s been talking to me throughout the walk and I’ve just been ignoring her. I can’t help it mummy, I find country walks so relaxing!

Mottisfont have some changes taking place to some of the path ways around the estate and they are undergoing some spring cleaning ready for the busy Easter period. Both mummy and I are intrigued. We play ball on the lawn infront of the main house and spend a lovely leisurely afternoon looking at spring flowers and chilling out. It makes a welcomed change from all this rain we’ve had recently!

Bella and BallMummy tempts me inside the house with a rice cake as we walk around the Lichfield exhibition, it’s a bit busier in here. We look at all the photographs and my mummy is particularly taken with the Ewan McGregor photo taken by Lichfield of him in a kilt….’yummy’ my mummy says. I don’t see the appeal! It was very warm in there and before long I’m desperate to get back outside in the fresh air. Houses can be stuffy sometimes! The next time we visit Mottisfont will be in June when the Walled Garden will be filled with roses in full bloom and I can’t wait! Last year I was carried in mummy’s sling (read out it here) and this year I’ll be able to get up close and personal with the flowers! Eek! So excited!

Thanks Mottisfont and Freeheelin for a lovely day x

Bella x

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