Bella…I am your father

Bella…I am your father.

Dear mummy, it’s nearly Father’s Day and I’m staring to panic. As I write this my little baby hands are multitasking, visiting sites such as Not On The High Street and Etsy. I’m looking for the perfect gift for my daddy, who is mildly obsessed with Star Wars.

And look what I found! Cool eh?….ok, I admit, there may be some stuff below that I want too…hence the baby grows!!

Star Wars gifts 2


Star Wars gifts 2Star Wars Gift 3

1. Jedi in Training from BreadandButterThread at Etsy. £5.19

2. Star Wars DeathStar Cookie Jar from Menkind. £29.99

3. Star Wars “I am your Father” from Not on the High Street. £24

4. Star Wars mugs from Not on the High Street. £11.95

5. Star Wars Stormtroopers Photography 10×8 Print from KornFlakeStew at Etsy. £10

6. Star Wars Princess Leah Baby Grow from DittoXpression at Etsy. £7.70

7. DeathStar Soap from FunnySoapsandbits at Etsy. £3.95

8. Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs from Menkind. £19.99

9. Star Wars Life Size Cut-Out from Totally Funky. £29.99

10. Star Wars Lighsaber Chop Sticks from PrezzyBox. £10.95

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