ScratchSleeves Review

Scratch Sleeves – an ingenious idea!

scratchsleeve 1Dear mummy, I’ve been waiting patiently to review this next product, unfortunately for me I can only review it and put it to the test when I have a flare up of eczema 😦 As some if you know I suffer from mild eczema and my mummy has been putting on cream to soothe my skin and discourage me from itching for some time now.

Luckily for us there is also another solution for those that suffer from eczema who are willing to try anything to get their little ones to stop scratching and damaging their skin.

We came across ScratchSleeves, a local company based in Hampshire that make these little bolero jackets exclusively for babies. We decided to give them a go and tried the beautiful baby blue and stripe pink versions.

Super cute! What’s so unique about theses little jackets is that they have mittens integrated into the sleeves, which are permanent. You can see the appeal of these for parents that want to stop their children scratching anywhere on their body. As babies hands and arms are covered there is no way a baby can scratch their skin.

scratchsleeve 2Great for night-time mummy thinks. I have a horrible habit of scratching the back of my neck and shoulder blades, I also get patches of eczema that appears on my arms, so we decided to give these ScratchSleeves a go. This is one of those products I am praying will work.

On the first couple of attempts I squirm when mummy puts the sleeves on, oh dear mummy I tear at my arms trying to get the little bolero jacketed off. Maybe not so sensible for daytime, as I’m so active nowadays and I want to touch and play with everything. Keeping them on during the day is a bit of a task for me. So we try at night when I’m sleepy and dopey.

I only wear a vest underneath to prevent me overheating at night. I wear the ScratchSleeve for a couple of nights and seem to get on ok with them.

My scratch marks start to disappear! Yippee. I’m definitely discouraged from scratching. I think this product would be best suited for younger children who are less active though, maybe it’s just me, but I struggled with them a bit during the day. It’s a fab idea though and defiantly worth a shot if your baby or toddler suffers from really bad eczema.

scratchsleeve 9The fabric is super soft and is well made – trust me this product has taken a lot of battering and stretching from me in my attempts to get the little jacket off!!

So what are they made of? An outer mitt of 100% natural silk which is gentle and cooling on itchy skin. 100% cotton that is woven to be stretchy, light and comfortable and polycotton binding around edges to maintain a snug fit.

You can read more about ScratchSleeves on their website. There is also great support and a fab blog which includes yummy recipes and tips for helping children cope with eczema. You can also find ScratchSleeves on twitter 🙂

These ScratchSleeves are a great concept and beautifully made, they look pretty too. We will persevere with them in the hope I will get used to wearing the mittens all the time when I get a bad flare-up.

Well worth a shot.

Bella x

scratchsleeve 7

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9 thoughts on “ScratchSleeves Review

  1. These look like a really good idea, but yes, probably better for little ones who don’t move around much. These would have been handy for my youngest, didn’t have eczema but gauged at his face and head constantly till he was around six months old making himself bleed! #TriedTested

  2. When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my eczema.
    I was so desperate that I tried every thick, smelly cream and goopy ointment I could get my hands on. Nothing really worked permanently and the eczema always came back.
    I knew that there had to be another way. I searched long and hard and finally came across some simple natural remedies that finally made my embarrassing eczema disappear for good…to the amazement of my doctor.

    In fact, you might want to check out this article, it really helped me a lot:

    Hope it helps anyone reading this!

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