Hi Gear Voyager Elite 6 Tent Review

Hi Gear Voyager Elite 6 Tent Review

So something much larger on the #TriedTested review page this week from us. Over the weekend we decided to give our new tent a dry run ahead of the Just So Festival in a couple of weeks. Daddy wanted to see how quick it was to put up and take down.

Daddy putting up the Voyager TentIt was the first time we had taken it out of the packaging and had just purchased it in the Go Outdoors sale after a recommendation by a friend. Hi Gear seemed to be a good trusted brand and their prices were reasonable. We got it for half price in the sale!

We wanted to buy a tent that could sleep up to six so we could go on large family holidays to the New Forest and attend festivals without having to worry about orgainising accommodation.

This six man tent seemed like a perfect solution. Daddy has a Go Outdoors card which also provided extra discount as well. Both mummy and daddy love camping and as children they used to go camping all the time with Duke of Edinburgh trips, scouts, girl guides and brownies.

Playing peek-a-booThey wanted to introduce me to camping at a young age and get me climatised to the great outdoors. This tent is massive compared to the one and two men tents they are used to. In fact both mummy and daddy agree it’s like a palace! With standing room head hight in the foyer area! My mummy is amazed by the sheer weight and size of it. You couldn’t go hiking with it she thinks!

While mummy is keeping me entertained daddy lays out the tent, poles and instruction in a green belt behind the house. He’s conscious that he doesn’t want to get told off by neighbours or people using the park and equally afraid that someone might think he’s a traveller and try to move him on.

Tent upIt takes him 40 minutes to put it up for the first time, That includes putting all the little compartments up and the add ons. He does the majority of it himself only calling on my mummy once to hold up the tent from the inside while he secures the poles into position. It has a cross pole design giving it extra strength in windy conditions.

While my mummy is inside the tent she sees it grow to life in front of her eyes…it expands and gets bigger, taller and wider. She remarks that there is something quite satisfying seeing a structure form. The ground sheet is sewn in, meaning I don’t get any creepy crawlies in my bedroom 🙂 it has a front door and side door perfect for when you need to duck out to the loo in the middle of the night and don’t want to wake the whole campsite. (I don’t have that problem, maybe adults should wear nappies when they camp!!)

I run around the corner with Grandma and my mummy peeks her head out of the tent. I have never seen anything like this before, it’s like a mini house outdoors. Excited, I run over to explore. We spend a good hour playing and exploring the tent together. It’s 2.3 meters high, 5.5 meters long and 4.2 meters wide in a lovely emerald green.

Inside the tentWe all go down for a cheeky 5 winks in the foyer area on the nice carpeted ground sheet. It’s a beautiful, large tent with lots of cubby holes to stash things and a large foyer area. The separated pods are good as well, as I have my own bedroom which is more than large enough to put a travel cot in. Very impressed.

It’s very relaxing in here and the gentle breeze on this hot day makes it feel like we are in holiday, not in a park in Basingstoke. We get some strange looks though and every time a dog walker strolls past daddy remarks (very loudly) “Isn’t this great – test driving our new tent for our trip next week?” which makes my mummy giggle. You don’t seriously think that someone would report us to the council do you daddy?!?

Playing in the tentAll in all a lovely way to spend an afternoon. It takes daddy 30 minutes to take down and pack away the tent which requires help to fold. But proof in the pudding will be when he has to do it under pressure at the Just So Festival, especially when I’ll be causing havoc!

Stay posted to see how we get on. To find out more about this tent visit Go Outdoors. Go Outdoors also provide a price matching service, so if you find it cheaper they will beat it 🙂

Happy camping folks!

Bella xx


3 thoughts on “Hi Gear Voyager Elite 6 Tent Review

  1. Thank you for this review, I’ve just bought an ex display one of these and want to start camping much more with my two little ones. I can’t wait!

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