Just So Festival – Go Team Stag!

Just So Festival – Go Team Stag!

Just So Festival Stags

It’s our first year at Just So Festival, we’ve received our weekend tickets, tested our tent and started to pack. A bit keen eh?

One of the main things we are looking forward to is the Tribal Tournament, a chance to join a Just So Festival tribe. By joining a tribe we will take part in the parade at the end of the festival and earn points for our chosen team to help them win the trophy.

We can earn points for our team by joining in the fun and games before and during the festival. It gives us the opportunity to dress up like our tribe animal and really emerge ourselves in the spirit of Just So Festival. I love dressing up and have full access to my mummy’s dressing up box.

Just so festivalThere are 6 tribes at this year’s festival. The very popular Foxes, Owls and Frogs, the Fish and Lions and then the not so popular Stags who came bottom last year. We wanted to put our efforts to help the Stags make the biggest comeback EVER! Well kinda of…not coming last would be an achievement. There are so many fab ideas and things to do to become a stag.

We scoured Pinterest to look at tribal headdresses, looked at festival masks, Red Indian head pieces and visited deer and stag local handouts at Windsor Great Park and Petworth House. We wanted to be at one with the stag, become a stag. Mummy even watched creepy ‘Hannibal’ on Sky TV to see how a stag was depicted as Hannibal Lecter’s persona. I didn’t watch that programme though, a bit too scary and gorey for my little eyes.

The feeling we get is Team Stag are the dark horses of the tribal tournament, slightly mysterious and proud creatures but also loners. Solitary souls who are lost. Hopefully during the tribal tournament we can make new friends and restore the team pride.

Making antlers 1We’ve made a start on our costumes by creating our headpieces. Each of us will have a different stag personality. Mummy is a Mexican Deer of the Peyote, Daddy is a Scottish Heritage Stag and I’m a Pixie Baby Fawn.

Here’s our progress so far… We’ve used a substance called Kobracast to make our antler head pieces. It’s a thermoplastic which moulds to any object to make a hard, light weight cast.

Ideal for wrapping around antlers and creating life-like multiples. Mummy carefully heats the Kobracast using a heat gun to make it pliable. We bought the antlers at the Highclere Country Show back in May from a walking stick maker/ taxidermist who collects them.

Making antlers 2Deer and Stags shed their antlers from March through to May and these were acquired through a natural shed. So no deer was harmed in the making.

Once the casts were made and set mummy carefully peeled the Kobracast from the antlers using a stanley knife. We used brown and black acrylic to paint mummy and daddy’s and gold to paint my little horns.

Mummy affixed the faux antlers to wide hair bands with Kobracast and glue.

We have yet to embellish them so watch this space. We can’t wait until The Just So Festival in T-minus 2 weeks! They still have some tickets left but be quick before they all go! www.justsofestival.org.uk

Pop back to check out our costumes and see how we got on at the festival 🙂

eek! Bella x

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Making antlers 3

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