I love you mummy

Monday, 8th September, 2014

I love you mummy

We’ve had a real day of it! I’m teething, I’m in mood. I’ve had no naps. I’ve tipped scrambled egg over my headScrambled egg on my face, lost a shoe and been a little madam. To make up for it, while on our trip to Cliveden today (National Trust). We sat on our picnic blanket. We had lunch and lay back looking at a tree swaying in the breeze. The sunlight was breaking through the leaves, twinkling in the sky like stars. I turned around to you and put on my best Barney voice and said…..I love you. My sing-song voice delivering those 3 magic words every mum wants to hear. For the first time I uttered those words. I know you think I was mimicking you, but I meant it.

I love you mummy.

Bella x


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