Cinderella will go to the BlogFest Ball!

Cinderella will go to the BlogFest Ball!

Dear mummy, eek! I’m so happy for you! A lovely fellow blogger over at MiniTravellers won a ticket to Mumsnet BlogFest via a competition online and gave it to you! This doesn’t happen to us, it’s like something out of a dream. I’ve known for quite a while that you wanted to go to BlogFest, but you couldn’t justify the price to daddy and yourself.

CinderellaYou’d rather the ticket money go on a family day out or for me to be treated to something special. It’s not cheap you know! At £95 a ticket, a lot of fellow bloggers can’t afford it either. However, it’s well worth the price for what you get in return… A chance to meet fellow bloggers in person (all together) when you wouldn’t ordinarily meet your online friends, attending specialist talks which will help you learn ‘the way of the blog’ Yoda style, listening to guest speakers such as Nick Hornby, whose books and films you grew up with and hobnobbing with large national companies. It’s the biggest blogger networking event on the planet (well in our world it is).

BlogFest14Until yesterday you were down in the mouth, trying to dodge happy and overjoyed bloggers which managed to grab BlogFest tickets, thinking how lucky they were… you are one of them. I know part of you feels guilty for going away to London and having a day to yourself to immerse yourself in something you love so much. I know you will talk a lot about me, well, I am the reason you blog aren’t I? Unfortunately I’m too young to attend, I am the youngest blogger I know at 1+yrs, surely that’s an ice breaker. I don’t want you to be nervous as a newbie blogger going to your first BlogFest, hold your head up high, everyone is in the same boat, nervous about meeting strangers… Some of them you’ve chatted with for months!

I know you will be looking for one blogger in particular, your fairy godmother, the one that made your BlogFest dream come true…Karen from MiniTravellers. There are many other people you’d like to meet too, it’s just finding out what they look like and chatting.

Isabella's PAI recommend take a photo of me and some business cards, until I’m old enough to come with you I trust you with my reputation and to act like my PA.

Me and my mummyOne word of advice….enjoy yourself and let your hair down…and remember to come back home to me and Daddy! I don’t want you getting too big for your blogging boots and staying in the big smoke! Remember humble beginnings and why you are blogging, not for commercial gain or sponsored posts but because you love sharing what we get up to and showing the love to people, stuff and places we meet along our adventures. Our blog will always be an online scrapbook of memories to look back on when I am older and you are gone.

I love you mummy, I know I can’t verbally tell you all the time but I can write it.

Your daughter Baby Bella x

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