My #somum leafy love notes

My #somum leafy love notes

For my Daddy…

Dear mummy, tonight we’re joining with Story of Mum and her ‘make date’ twitter party. It starts at eight so don’t be late, come and see the wonderful creations that mums and dads from all over the country have been making.

#Somum Leafy Love NoteAs the autumn leaves are falling, don’t be stalling…grab a leafy sheet and write a little love note to a friend, stranger or family member. Leave the leafy notes for them to find, in a bush, on a path or on a tree. It will really brighten someones day.

I’ve made some love notes for my daddy, see he’s not very well at the moment and is feeling down. So I hope this will put a smile on his face.

I love you daddy and me and mummy are very proud of you for going to work and struggling through your illness. We hope you get better soon.

All our love Bella and Mummy x

Leaf Love Note

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