A toddler free day!

A toddler free day! We had a hectic bank holiday weekend, so my mummy was prudent and booked off a ‘buffer’ day before she went back to work. This was her rest day. A day where she just kicked back and relaxed. It was her bank holiday in lieu. On Tuesday the weather was wet and miserable. It was dark in … More A toddler free day!

A better day

A better day Dear mummy, today was a better day. For all of us. The sun was shining and you managed to finally get some shut-eye last night. Sleep helps to recharge your batteries, especially when you are feeling low. You feel selfish for sleeping over 12hrs yesterday, leaving childcare duties to Grandma and Daddy, … More A better day

Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors Dear mummy, so it’s got to this. You are staring at your hand filled with sleeping pills. This has been the hardest post to write, you see this blog was only ever supposed to be recording the happy times. Unfortunately recently we’ve only had the bad. Illness, no sleep, relationship problems. You’ve … More Behind closed doors