A quick Easter craft from TIGER!

A quick Easter craft from TIGER!

Dear mummy, on a recent trip into town you stumbled upon a shop called TIGER. It’s like a smaller version of IKEA and has quirky items that you would expect from a Denmark brand. It’s been open since 2005 and the first store opened in the UK in our town, Basingstoke. We feel very privileged mummy! 😉

They have a constantly changing seasonable stock. Which is great for picking up Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter and Halloween inspired gifts. It’s very cheap too. Last year we picked up a teepee tent for £10! They have a great range of outdoor toys and activities on offer at the moment. Everything is priced in whole pounds which makes it easier to shop with a toddler without having to wait for loads of loose change at the tills. TIGER have really pulled their socks up and are stocking their shelves with some really great stuff. My mummy could buy the whole store!

Here’s our top picks from TIGER this Easter.


Today my mummy has been drawn in by the Easter inspired gifts and home-wear. She loves all the spring pastel colours, chicks and rabbits. As she enters the store, she picks up a basket and already is cooing over strange and usual items. Do you really need that brown bunny rabbit mummy?!?

My mummy picked up a cute cheap activity for us to do together as a family.

TIGER shop Easter crafts

It’s a mini Easter Egg DIY decorating kit. They are hard polystyrene eggs with a smooth egg-shell type finish. They do look and feel like real eggs! Eggmazing!

You bought a pack of 4 for £2 and they come with 4 different coloured felt tips and some little ribbon to hang them with.

Easter Crafts at TIGERWe spend a good 30 minutes quietly sitting and decoration these little eggs.

We colour in the pre-printed designs of little birds and plants. A nice clean craft, however I did manage to get pen all over my hands and tried to eat them, so adult supervision at all times is a necessity.

Easter Egg Crafts at TIGERTAH DAH! We hope you like our decorated Easter Eggs! A cool alternative to chocolate eggs this Easter 🙂

Love Bella x

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10 thoughts on “A quick Easter craft from TIGER!

  1. I haven’t heard of Tiger so I’ll have to find out if we have one near us. All your picks look such good value. And love the egg colouring #TriedTested

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